World Company Day initiative to be introduced in Taiwan

Oct 7, 2016 | News & Updates

Singapore, 7 October 2016 – Global innovation consultancy, Consulus, headquartered in Singapore, has officially announced its partnership with Siziwan Educational Foundation from Kaohsiung to promote World Company Day (WCD) in Taiwan today.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Consulus and Siziwan Educational Foundation on October 7, at Raffles Education Square, in Singapore. Mr Lawrence Chong, Chief Executive Officer of Consulus, and Professor Kao Ming-rea, President of Siziwan Education Foundation, represented both organisations.

In August 15, 2013, Consulus launched the WCD initiative to inspire companies to shape the world creatively into a better place through daily work. Until now, more than 200 signatories from 11 countries including the United States, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., have joined this global movement.

“Siziwan Educational Foundation with their passion of working in education and social enterprises is really an ideal partner for World Company Day in Taiwan. Many Taiwanese companies are already making a difference to society through business. We look forward to telling their stories and adding their membership to the more than 200 companies who are now part of this movement,” Chong said.

Following this partnership, Consulus will collaborate with Siziwan Educational Foundation to introduce the principles of WCD to Taiwanese companies. This will create opportunities for Taiwanese brands to join a global network and share experiences on how to bring about sustainable good and make a difference.

“Through promoting Consulus World Company Day in Taiwan, we hope to increase the level of involvement and networking effect contributed by the private sector. We have been working closely with public and nonprofit sectors to promote social entrepreneurship. It is time to raise awareness of impact that can be created by enterprises in order to shape a better world all together,” Prof. Kao, said.

About Consulus
Founded in 2004, Consulus is a global innovation consultancy with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities. Using our UNIFY methodology to redesign business model, organisation, and brand experience: our clients in more than 20 cities around the world are ready to meet the complex challenges of the 4th industrial revolution to succeed through innovation. Consulus has also influenced 5,000 Asian business leaders through its annual creative thought-leadership event, Shape the World Conference (, held around Asia. In 2013, Consulus launched the World Company Day initiative to inspire companies to shape the world creatively into a better place through daily work. As of today, we have presence in Singapore (Global HQ), Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Italy, Argentina, Philippines and Bangladesh.

About Siziwan Educational Foundation
Siziwan Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting social entrepreneurship in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Our mission is to assist the development of NPOs and social enterprises.
To accomplish the mission, we devote ourselves to:
1. Holding activities relevant to development and innovation in local industries and communities.
2. Organising training to foster innovation and efficient management.
3. Holding activities to promote environmental education and ecological businesses.
4. Handling charitable trusts and organising training relevant to social enterprise innovation and creative management
5. Other activities aiming to develop humanities.

Media contact
Blair Nguyen
Strategy Consultant

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