Will Tiger Airway’s Rebrand Make a Difference?

Jun 7, 2013 | News & Updates, Press

‘Singapore – Tiger Airways is about to go through a major rebrand, beginning with dropping the tiger from its logo. Is this part of a larger strategy or just a marketing gimmick?

While details are still scant at this point, branding experts still say it is high time for a rebrand for Tiger.

Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus suggested this was much needed, following the entrance of budget carrier Scoot.

However, he emphasised the key aspect of the rebranding should be not just to get the business aligned but rather integrated.

He opines that the aim of the branding exercise should be an attempt to draw awareness. He also added that for parent SIA, integrating its multiple airlines could be a good differentiation strategy.

“The airline business is an extremely challenging and complex business. At the global level, big brands are merging and consolidating. And many are moving towards better integration of experiences. So the question is, when is the day I will be able to plan my journey and think of SIA as a group rather than seeking flights solutions in a silo manner like I have to now?” asked Chong.’

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