Will Gordon Ramsay dwarf SingTel?

Jun 27, 2013 | News & Updates, Press

While a video of international celebrity chef accepting a challenge from SingTel is going viral on social media, the move has its drawn mixed reactions.

Lawrence Chong, CEO of brand agency Consulus, saying SingTel needs the personality Ramsay brings.

“It is definitely useful for SingTel to build up relevant content for the purpose of monetisation,” said Chong, CEO of Consulus. SingTel, he continued, being a major consumer brand, needs to be seen as being more inclusive because of its variety of business units. While StarHub comes across as a warm and personable brand, SingTel traditionally, is not perceived as a brand with much personality.

“Before bringing on any kind of ‘star dust’, it will be important to do a personality branding campaign to clarify the values of SingTel. Only then will the ‘star dust’ fall into the right place,” Chong added.

Others are more skeptical of the efforts by SingTel, saying that the mercurial chef’s reputation might steal the limelight away from SingTel.

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