Which 3 Words Will You Use to Introduce Yourself?

Dec 3, 2015 | English, Ideas for Organisation

Just before giving a talk yesterday, I was asked about the three keywords that appear on my name card. It is a practice of our firm, and every Consulite has a unique set of keywords.

The first is for your personal purpose, and the next two is about your specialization since so many of us come from different disciplines. My first word is Pantheon: When we founded the firm 12 years ago, we promised that we will grow a global circle of leaders. So the Pantheon became a visual for us, a place where leaders come together in unity to shape the world through transforming companies. As the current CEO, that word reminds me constantly that my priority is to strengthen the unity of the partnership.

My second word is Compass and for 14 years now, I have worked with many leaders to help them redefine the strategic compass for their organizations. My third keyword is Garden: We all know that ideas are fragile and require a supportive environment and culture to sustain their development. So over the years, my work has been about redesigning the organizational structures to enable teamwork and innovation.

The three keywords approach has allowed us to discover the unique skills and beliefs of each Consulite. What about you? Which three words will you use to introduce yourself?