What 2016 will be for your country?

Jan 14, 2016 | Civilisation, Columnist, Commerce, English

We asked some Consulites what they thought 2016 will be for their country. From the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of Colombo, there is this mixture of excitement, weariness , and a lot of hope. These views are not comprehensive and we invite you to share yours but what they provide is a glimpse of the world in 2016.

Let’s celebrate, Argentina – The most significant event for Argentines will be the Bicentennial celebration — their 200th anniversary of independence from Spain. On top of that, with its recent presidential election seeing a change in leadership after 12 years, Argentines are set to witness major social and economic reforms. Elena López Ruf, Deputy Head of Consulus DialogueWorks in Argentina, wishes that all Argentines, despite their political and social differences, can work towards equality, justice and the common good for all this year. Read more

Reviving Italy – After nearly six years of struggling in the midst of an economic crisis, Italy finally began to show some signs of recovery in 2015. Paulo Frizzi, our Country Director in Italy, wishes that the government will encourage economic growth by implementing more structural reforms and better policies for companies and businesses. Read more

Sunrise for Myanmar – After almost five decades of military junta rule, the year 2016 would see a momentous event with the changing hands of the government. Mikael Knudsen, a Senior Consultant of Consulus who has been based in Myanmar for three years, wishes Myanmar’s businesses and the government to take a prudent and responsible approach to long-term development instead of relying on unpredictable short-term growth. Read more

Wake up, Singapore Lions – With this year being the 51st year of independence, Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, believes that Singapore is really at a generational shift with regards to its economic model. He wishes that Singapore will be able to weather the economic downturn in 2016 and that companies there will use the opportunity to rethink their business models. Read more

Gems of Sri Lanka – Apart from being rich in tea plantations and natural gemstones, Shiraz Latiff, a Consulus Partner in Sri Lanka, believes his country’s 8 million-strong workforce are also jewels. In 2016, he wishes that Sri Lanka will lead in economic growth across the region as more foreign direct investments are expected to flow into the country. Read more

Awakening Thailand – Despite being sporadically hit by political turmoil over the past decade, Mr Kuldej Sinthawanarong, Managing Partner at Consulus Jarken in Thailand, explains why Thailand still has the ability to host a thriving business landscape. He believes Thailand together with other member states can become stronger by building a greater community based on shared cultures, communal progress, and seamless connectivity. Read more

Ready Vietnam – With the landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), all eyes are set on Vietnam for the years 2016 and beyond. Helena Pham, our Head of Vietnam at Consulus, wishes that 2016 will be a transformative year for Vietnamese companies and that they will be ready to ride on the waves of the TPP market opportunities. She believes that as Vietnam will officially adopt the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from 2016, marking a new era of business professionalism, many more fruitful business partnerships will open up between Vietnam and the world. Read more