WB Land: Capturing the vision of tomorrow’s property market

May 26, 2014 | Case Study, Clients, Malaysia, PurposeCORE, SME

Malaysia continues to attract foreign direct investments while enjoying healthy domestic demand fueled by low borrowing cost and attractive loans from banks. Amid overpriced developments in Johor Bahru, WB Land is well poised to serve the needs of both end-users and investors.

Business Design: First class and future ready

WB Land is the property development arm of Woon Brothers Construction, a leading player in Johor’s property development scene since the 1970s. This allows WB Land to leverage on the group’s expertise in infrastructure and implementation to deliver properties that are both reliable and sustainable.

Consulus developed a purpose model that was anchored to the group’s existing capabilities and at the same time identified a niche in the industry for WB Land to fill.

  • Brand Purpose – The developer of choice for properties that delivers sustained
    value and user-centered experiences
  • State of Ability – World-class properties designed around the end-user
  • State of Influence – Premium user experience to enhance value over time
  • State of Differentiation – Developer that captures the vision of tomorrow’s market

Unlike competitors that offer overpriced properties without long-term development plans, the company’s in-house design committee, made up of multi-disciplinary personnel from property, construction and production divisions, follows stringent design criteria to plan multi-phased developments that are fundamentally sound.

WB Land’s Frontier IP development, for instance, includes landscape features, gated security and on-site dormitories to provide conducive environment for work and leisure.


Brand Experience: Innovation at its core

Consulus developed a new identity for WB Land, which involved designing a website and corporate stationery.

Looking into WB Land’s developments, we gathered that their approach has always been to build with ingenuity and sustainability as their core focus. Their previous brand identity did not hold any strong symbolisations to WB Land thus being forgettable and unassuming.

We correctly represented WB Land as a contemporary and leading developer among its competitors by envisioning a modern and flexible visual identity.


The idea stemmed from a person’s upward view of the top of a skyscraper which hinted at WB Land’s vision of excellence and innovation. The visual language is of sleek and bold 3D representations of buildings which epitomised WB Land’s cutting edge developmental projects. Also, the primary colour, red, encapsulates the bold and inventive nature of WB Land.