Consulus USA

Our goal is to help American professionals and enterprises transform, discover their purpose, and unite their organizations for innovation so that they can be resilient and meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

The solutions that we provide in Consulus USA.

  • Personal and team leadership transformation solutions – LeadershipCORE 50% 50%
  • Business Transformation Solutions – PurposeCORE 25% 25%
  • Renew township and city developments through place making – PlaceCORE 25% 25%

Our work includes:

  1. Shape more leaders of unity globally to contribute to sustainable economic development and business success
  2. Transform the business models of companies through purpose and unity through the Consulus PurposeCORE solution to shape companies that are inclusive and innovative
    3. Transform township and city development with purpose to shape sustainable communities

Purpose of Consulus USA

Consulus USA will focus on preparing companies and leaders to shape a more inclusive future economy.

“U.S. companies and organizations are at a pivotal point as the world enters the fourth industrial revolution,” said Jim Funk, Country Director for Consulus USA. “How they respond, and their ability to navigate the disruption they experience will be crucial as the world continues to become more connected, even as in some ways it is more diverse and divided.”

For over a dozen years Consulus has offered services to corporate clients on three continents specializing in helping organizations unite in a common purpose, transform, and innovate. “My consulting team and I are excited that we are now positioned to offer these products and services, and the unique approach of Consulus, to organizations throughout the US,” Jim said. “We are positive that we can partner with our clients to help them meet the challenges they face and respond well to a changing world, and to discover their best selves by showing them how to develop from the inside out.”

Consulus USA will be based in Indianapolis, and Jim Funk will oversee the team of Consulites located across the country.

About Jim Funk – Country Director at Consulus USA

Jim Funk, Country Director for Consulus USA and Global Head of Leadership Transformation for Consulus, is a recognized expert in leadership development. With over 30 years of experience, including an executive role in a large healthcare organization in the US, Jim has personally coached senior leaders, physicians and professional contributors in a variety of roles.

He has designed and delivered leadership formation and development programs for senior leaders across the US to strengthen and transform them to be at their best and achieve superior results. Since 2010 Jim has served as president of his own leadership and organizational development consulting firm, J L Funk & Associates.

Jim Funk

Jim Funk

Country Director

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Shaping Heroic Leaders for Humanity 4.0

Shaping Heroic Leaders for Humanity 4.0

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Seeking Leaders of Unity in an Age of Disruption

Seeking Leaders of Unity in an Age of Disruption

Photo by Norbert von Niman on Unsplash By Jim Funk and Lawrence Chong This new age with its complex set of challenges will need leaders who know how to work with others to create new solutions.  The thunderous blast of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy into the clear blue sky...

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