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Successful companies lasted an average of 67 years in the 1920s, they typically exist for only 15 years today.


Is your business ready for the Industry 4.0?

Change is inevitable and unity is essential in mastering change and diversity. Our 18 years of transforming organisations has taught us that 90% of our clients in 20 countries choose unity as an essential core value for innovation and transformation.

Although unity is greatly valued, most business and organisational models are not designed to enable collaboration and innovation, thus limiting potential, perpetuating conflict and seeding financial ruin.

This audit helps you review your organization’s ability to act as one and create value in an age of disruption. The insights will enable you to gauge the organization’s ability to innovate and adapt to changes in terms of customer needs and business climate. Unity 4.0 Audit is based on the UNIFY methodology, the world’s only 4-in-1 strategy and implementation approach since 2004.

In this audit, we look at organization’s readiness and resilience through four encompassing elements of a business:

Business model

– the organization’s revenue generating capabilities

Organizational model

– the organization’s principles and capabilities to innovate, grow, and ensure longevity

Brand experience

– the organization’s capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of customer engagement and reliance on the brand

Digital capabilities

– the organization’s capabilities to transform from the traditional ways of working to a digital way of working

The UNIFY workshop helped us build trust, something I’ve been trying to do with my team for some time. It helped them to be more receptive to criticisms and suggestions for improvement as well as to sincerely say what they think for the benefit of individual growth and the institution. In addition, the workshop introduced to us a new methodology for innovation, which aims to strengthen relationships, gather people and bring out the best of each member.

Antonio Jorge P. Guimarães Júnior

Superintendente (Director), Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB)

How does the Unity 4.0 Audit work?

Step 1

The audit contains 35 groups of 4 statements. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes for each person to complete. Survey respondents will be asked to rate their company’s current state reflecting through statements that indicated varying degrees of their organization’s preparedness.

Step 2

To ensure accuracy, at least 70% of your staff, including the top management team, and middle managers are required to take the assessment.

Step 3

Thereafter, the results will be accumulated into a final rating between Band 0 and Band 3 and a report for action will be custom-created.

How to use it

The report will show you the Overall Unity Band of the organization as well as the Unity Band of each element: business model, organisation, brand experience and digital capabilities. The report will highlight where the organization should focus to improve in order to enable better growth or transform to realise full potential.

What each Band means?

Find out which Unity Band your organization falls under and what is the relationship between Unity Band and Innovation & Growth.

Band 0 - Zero Unity

You have talent, capabilities and resources but most of them are working in silos as there is no effective process or platform for all the above to work together.

Band 1 - Transactional Unity

You have talent, capabilities and resources but only some parts are working together as part of the workflow, but most do it grudgingly thus it is considered operating on a transactional basis.

Band 2 - Collaborative Unity

You have talent, capabilities and resources. There are processes and systems in place to actively unify them to generate higher value. There is a reasonable degree of trust and collaborative output.

Band 3 - Transfigurative Unity

You have talent, capabilities and resources. You have effective and uniquely designed processes and systems that actively bring them together to generate innovation to create business breakthrough. There is a high degree of trust and high collaborative output.

Zero innovation, No Growth.

No readiness and resilience, high risk of organizational breakdown during disruption

Minimal innovation, Incremental Growth.

Low readiness and resilience, moderate risk of organizational breakdown during disruption

Constant innovation, Constantly High Growth.

Moderate readiness and resilience, some risk of organizational breakdown during disruption

Adaptive innovation, Exponential Growth.

High readiness and resilience, little risk of organizational breakdown during disruption

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