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Shape the World Conferences

Shape World Conferences began in 2005. While there were many branding forums about strategy and tactics, there were none about the role of Asian brands in shaping a new Asia.

We share new insights into Asian brands and point out how things can change for the better. Business leaders from emerging brands speak about their challenges. Every conference also includes a workshop in the afternoon, which allows participants to review their own strategies based on the case study.

We believe it is vital for Asia’s business leaders to have a forum where they can learn from one another and build a collective movement towards producing Asian champions.

Shape the World Series

The series was started at the request of smaller companies and individuals who believe in our approach but are not yet ready to engage our services. It is a series of workshops covering specific topics such as strategy, design, customer service, product design and online engagement.

Our speakers have presented in major cities such as New York, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. From the unique perspective of integrating business and design they share stories gleaned from consulting in some of the most challenging industries.

  • Misconceptions about branding
  • Misconceptions about design
  • Struggling to build middle management
  • Gaining stakeholders’ support for branding
  • CEOs seeking to build their brands and organisation
  • HR directors seeking to reshape their corporate culture
  • Marketing directors seeking to reshape perception of their brand
  • Gain a unique perspective
  • Learn from business leaders
  • Network with other business leaders
  • Change mindsets within your organisation
  • Learn new skills at our workshops
  • Customised presentation
  • Workshop materials
  • Workshop facilitator
Postponement of Shape the World Summit 2020 to 2021

Postponement of Shape the World Summit 2020 to 2021

Singapore - In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Shape the World Summit 2020 which was slated to take place on the 19 June 2020 will now be postponed till the 24 June 2021.  This decision was taken after careful consideration by the...

Consulus’ 15th Anniversary and Shape the World Summit Gala Dinner

Consulus’ 15th Anniversary and Shape the World Summit Gala Dinner

Singapore (25 July 2019)​ - 200 guests from different nationalities, countries and companies gathered to attend Consulus’ 15th Anniversary and Shape the World Summit Gala Dinner event on the 21st June 2019. The event that served as a conclusion to the summit, as...

文藻外語大學與天主教跨國共融經濟事業集團Consulus策略聯盟  致力培育國際跨域人才

文藻外語大學與天主教跨國共融經濟事業集團Consulus策略聯盟 致力培育國際跨域人才

文藻外語大學於2月18日與天主教共融經濟成員-全球知名創新跨國事業集團 Consulus締結策略聯盟-「全球化4.0領導人才培育計畫」,本著文藻豐富的國際外語專業人才培育經驗,由雙方共同合作推動融入創新教與學的體驗設計,擴大文藻教育系統的價值與影響力,期望鏈結Consulus於歐美與東南亞各國所建立的產官學網絡,共同規劃並執行國際移動實踐計畫,致力於擴大國際產官學合作與國際跨域人才的培育及養成。...

An Asian Method of Business Design for Innovation

An Asian Method of Business Design for Innovation

Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, shared experiences and insights on how design is a key driver of innovation, and how it has a transformative impact on individuals and corporations, creating game-changing possibilities for a better world, at the Innovation by Design Conference 2017 in Singapore on March 8.