Tong Ming Xi: The String Experience Refined

Apr 20, 2011 | B2C, Case Study, EngagementCORE, ExperienceCORE, PurposeCORE, Singapore, SME

Tong Ming Xi, a premier string instrument restorer and retailer, recently opened a gallery-inspired store for the purpose of delivering a balance of art and precision to the string community.

The company, known as Ambercraft Violins before being renamed after its founder, underwent a total rebranding to define its business value and chart a new direction for its brand. In the course of the exercise, the company reorganised its product category, increased its after-sales support services, and designed an exclusive retail space to offer customers an intuitive and personalised shopping experience.

Much research was done to gather insights into the target market’s lifestyle and desires, which factored into the retail experience design. The new store, for instance, features an exclusive room called “Stage”, where customers can test out the instruments in a comfortable, private space that simulates the environment of a concert hall. An instrument care package developed by Consulus was launched in conjunction with the store opening to give customers peace of mind that their instruments will stay in tip top condition.

An elegant gallery showcasing a fine collection of strings

An elegant gallery showcasing a fine collection of strings

Red velvet drapes add a touch of realism to the Stage

Red velvet drapes add a touch of realism to the Stage

More than packaging and presentation, it takes rigorous planning, execution, and business design to create a luxury experience.

“It is essential for niche luxury brands like Tong Ming Xi to be more competitive by looking at how their business models and experiences can shape the industry. Through this business-design approach, Tong Ming Xi has prepared itself to serve the increasing number of high net worth individuals who come to live and work in Singapore,” Lawrence Chong, Director of Strategy Development at Consulus, said.

“Consulus has been my partner in this growth process,” Tong Ming Xi, the company’s eponymous founder and managing director, said. “We are now a team of restorers, who are committed to bringing out the best sound in each instrument.”

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