The Global Innovation Consultancy, Consulus arrives in Brazil

Jul 25, 2017 | Brazil, News & Updates

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Carlos Xavier introduces Consulus Brazil. with the purpose to help transform companies which will, in turn, contribute to the transformation of the whole country.

Consulus, a Global Innovation Consultancy with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities started operating in Brazil since the end of June 2017. Inspired by the principles of the Economy of Communion (EoC), Consulus developed its UNIFY methodology which helps transform companies from the inside out. The purpose of Consulus is to shape the world into a better place by helping organizations discover their better selves. With this, they can become the difference they are meant to be, for the benefit of society, customers, employees, suppliers and their stakeholders.

Founded 14 years ago in Singapore (in Southeast Asia), Consulus has 60 consultants globally, based in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. They are professionals of multidisciplinary capabilities from different origins, ethnicities, and cultures seeking to improve and develop innovative and data-driven solutions. Its clients include governments, multinational corporations, family businesses, small and medium-sized businesses in many industries, with annual revenues of up to USD 4 billion.

Determined to grow with sustainability, Consulus continues to expand. The opening of Consulus Brazil was formalized at its headquarter in Singapore with the leading senior consultant of Consulus in Brazil, Carlos Xavier. Associated with the National Association for an Economy of Communion (Anpecom), he participates in the Program for Strengthening Inclusive Business of Communion (PROFOR) from its idealization, from the preparation of the regulation to the selection of projects. Carlos is currently advising four of these projects, one in Rio de Janeiro and three in Bahia.

In an interview with Consulus, Carlos Xavier highlighted the importance of this global innovation consultancy coming to Brazil, especially in the moment of political and economic instability that the country faces: “It could not come at a more opportune moment. Consulus helps to transform companies that, in turn, from their own evolution, can contribute to transforming Brazil” he said.

During the visit of Carlos Xavier to Singapore, the prospect of a future partnership between Anpecom and Consulus was envisaged, in order to offer the associates different contract conditions. Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, has approved of this possibility, a study of it will be done in due course.


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