The Columnist | Issue 44 | Special Edition: 7th World Company Day

Aug 15, 2019 | Columnist, Columnist Summary, English, News & Updates, Taiwan, Vietnam, World Company Day

Each year, World Company Day – August 15 – marks the anniversary of the birth of the global movement calling companies to serve a higher purpose and commit to shaping a better world together. 

For this year’s World Company Day, we continue to reflect on the 2019 Shape the World Summit’s theme: Designing a more equitable economic system.

The economic world today is a disrupted one evidenced by the growing unrest in Hong Kong and the escalating US-China trade wars. These disruptions upset the global order that has sustained peaceful development and co-existence and reinforces the urgent need to reshape social and economic rules to enable greater participation and sustainability. 

To achieve the vision of a more equitable global economy, collective efforts and commitments are required from companies and individuals worldwide, all united towards that common goal. That is why World Company Day stands as a day we recognize companies and individuals that are playing their part toward shaping a better world.

A message on World Company Day from Jim Funk, the Chairman for Consulus Global Network and Country Director for Consulus USA highlighting the important role that individuals themselves play in the global movement:  

“It is important to realize that more equitable economies are not just the responsibility of economists and politicians; everyone can play a part by changing their own practices and attitudes. Regardless of the field you work in or your area of expertise, you can make decisions and take actions that will help your community, your school, your workplace, your colleagues, and even your family be more inclusive and thoughtful about what will allow people to flourish. We should look to the examples of companies, organizations and leaders who do this well, and seek to emulate their attitudes toward understanding and building what makes our economies more inclusive and equitable. Inclusiveness and equity does not mean a system where everyone has the exact same standard of living, but it means that people and communities have a fair chance to create a life for themselves that is sustainable and that allows them to be productive, contributing members of a society that also cares for its poor and vulnerable. World Company Day is designed to show us examples of how to do this well.” 

Sunshine Holdings: A life lived for others is a life worthwhile:We interviewed Mr. Nguyen Huy Minh, to learn how Sunshine Holdings has been creating jobs and impacting the lives of the local laborers in the provinces of Vietnam. Read more

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Shape the World Summit 2022: Future Resilience by Design

Shape the World Summit 2022: Future Resilience by Design

Over 150 leaders from business, non-profits and social enterprises from 12 countries convened in person at The Swissotel, The Stamford for Shape the World Summit 2022 on 21st June to share personal experiences and ideas on how to shape a resilient future.

Consulus Elects First Chairwoman: Helena Pham

Consulus Elects First Chairwoman: Helena Pham

This week, during the 5th Annual Consulus Global School, conducted in a hybrid format with Consulites in attendance from 12 countries, Ms Helena Pham was elected as the Global Chairwoman for 2022 to 2023.

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