The Columnist | Issue 43 | July 2019 | Consulus 15th Anniversary & Shape The World Summit

Jul 30, 2019 | Columnist, Columnist Summary, English, News & Updates

Last month in June, we celebrated our 15th anniversary and renewed our commitment to shape a better and more sustainable economic system through purpose and unity. We also held our annual landmark event, the Shape the World Summit, drawing leaders, speakers and participants from different countries, industries and expertise together to share about solutions that are impacting today’s world and to think of new ways in which we can shape a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable economy. 

In this issue, we invite you to read about the Shape the world Summit 2019, co-organised by CPG Consultants and Consulus, learn about Pennacchi, a business with a bigger purpose, and share our joy as we celebrate our 15 years of working with purpose and unity.

Shape the World Summit 2019 – Our annual Shape the World event drew over 300 individuals and leaders from 16 different countries to the National Design Centre in Singapore from the 20th June 2019 to the 21st June 2019. The 2-days creative summit served as a platform to discuss new ways and solutions that would shape a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world. Read more>

Business with a bigger purpose – Pennacchi: A Brazilian business group that strives to serve its customers and stakeholders, help civil society and preserve the environment. Read more>

Consulus’ 15th Anniversary and Shape the World Summit Gala Dinner – 200 guests including business partners, clients, shape the world summit participants and Consulites from all over the world gather at the Fairmont Singapore on the 21st June 2019 in celebration of Consulus’ 15th-year milestone. Read more>

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