The Columnist | Issue 41 | Special Edition: 6th World Company Day

Aug 15, 2018 | Columnist, Columnist Summary, English, News & Updates, World Company Day

A growing movement of enlightened customers and working professionals are holding brands accountable for how they are shaping a better world through daily work. We are seeing the end of token corporate social responsibility and a move towards a holistic approach to shaping a better world through work. As we celebrate the 6th World Company Day, let us enlist more companies in this new way of thinking so that together we can shape a more equal and sustainable economy for all.
Sustainable Economy: Do or Die: A lot of companies still hold on to the illusion that a token charity initiative here and there, or having a corporate social responsibility programme is good enough. Sadly for them, the era of token corporate social responsibility has passed; we are now entering the age of the sustainable economy where your staff and consumers want to know: how is your business being fair, doing good to aid the needy, combat climate change as part of your business processes and growth. Read more
Mundell & Associates: True Sustainability: In this interview with John Mundell, learn how Mundell and Associates, an earth and environmental consulting company help shape a cleaner, healthier, and productive planet for the next generation while living a culture of communion. Read more
A Prayer for Sustainable Economy: To mark the 6th World Company Day, a prayer for a sustainable economy has been composed. It is inspired by the prayer of St. Francis, a 13th century Saint. See the prayer
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