The Columnist | Issue 40 | June 2018 | Consulus 14th Anniversary: Multiplicity

Jun 26, 2018 | Columnist Summary

This June, we celebrated our 14th anniversary and we renew our commitment to shape a better and more sustainable economic system through purpose and unity. In this issue, we invite you to read about how we work to change the rules of the economic system to prevent future victims, the official announcement about our newly elected Chairman of the Global Network, the launch of Brazilian 4.0 – a future-ready programme to help enterprises and individuals in Brazil, and the upcoming Shape The World Conference 2018 organised by CPG Consultants and Consulus in Singapore this July at the National Design Centre.

Calling On The Crazy Ones To Unite – If Steve Jobs could unite his team to change the world by creating better user experiences then surely we can unite people for an even more urgent and existential task: that of transforming our economy to be more sustainable and inclusive. Read more

Consulus Elects New Chairman for its Global Network for 2018 – 2019Consulites (Consultants of Consulus) from 16 countries gathered at its headquarters in Singapore for its annual five-day Consulus Global School and have elected Mr Shiraz Latiff as Chairman for the 2018 – 2019 term, effective June 21 – the day when the firm was founded 14 years ago. Read more

Consulus Global and Anpecom Brazil partner to launch Brazilian 4.0 – Consulus and Anpecom Brazil are pleased to announce the official launch of Brazilian 4.0 Programme. The project seeks to create a platform to help Brazilian micro-enterprises and individuals find purpose, transform and equip themselves with the necessary solutions to prepare for the future economy. Read more

ASEAN Smart City Projects. Time for a Seismic Shift – In our view, sustainable urban development will require that governments and developers acknowledge the challenges in ASEAN so as to develop right-sized solutions. Read more

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