The Columnist | Issue 37 | Special Edition: 5th World Company Day

Aug 15, 2017 | Columnist Summary

Since 2013 it has become clear to us, that companies must be more than just beneficiaries of the economic system and contribute to making it better through our work. So being voices and actors for the future good is even more critical today. As we celebrate the 5th World Company Day with more than 211 signatories today, we would like to invite you to reflect and be inspired to act on this theme “Organize for the Future Good”. Read how some signatories from Sri Lanka and Taiwan build a thriving business while making a difference to shape a better world.

Organize for the Future GoodConceived in 2013 with the vision of building a global movement of companies committed to shaping a better world, World Company Day aims to raise consciousness about the potential of companies in bringing about social change through daily work. More than 211 companies from 13 nations have since signed the pledge. This is the message on the occasion of the 5th World Company Day, celebrated every year on the 15th of August. Read more

World Company Day experience in Taiwan: Social Impact and Economy of Communion – After the partnership with Siziwan Educational Foundation from Kaohsiung last year October, we were happy to bring the World Company Day (WCD) initiative to Taiwan through the Social Entrepreneurship Forum & Workshop in June with over 200 participants. Read more

Alliance Finance Company PLC and their “Others before Self” culture – WCD speaks with Romani de Silva, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Alliance Finance Company PLC, the third oldest finance company in Sri Lanka, to find out about what they are doing to shape the world. Read more

宝来:家园重建的天使 – 世界公司日采访了来自台湾的高雄市宝来人文协会(原宝来重建协会)的专案经理,李婉玲女士,一家组织运用在地艺术、人文、资源、环境等开创地方特色社区产业的社会企业公司,让我们看看他们是如何塑造世界。 Read more

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