The Columnist | Issue 36 | A New Age of Consultancy

Jun 30, 2017 | Columnist Summary

As we celebrate our 13th anniversary, we realised in this age of disruption, the traditional role of a consultant does not suffice. The evolving economic climate requires a new breed of consultants – consultants who themselves have been disrupted or are willing to be disrupted. In this issue, we invite you to read about this new breed of consultants; a PurposeCORE case study on how a trusted supplier of more than 30 years moved up the value chain; and an interview with a man pursuing a big dream for Sarawak – Dato Chris Chung, Group CEO of Saradise Sdn Bhd.

A New Type of Consultant for an Age of DisruptionWith the advent of technology and revolution of businesses, we have entered a new age of ideas. The changing economic climate of the world has produced a new type of consultants. Read more

Planting the seed of purpose in Consulus Brazil – Relentless in its growth, Consulus has expanded yet again to Brazil. The opening of Consulus Brazil was sealed on June 21 with the welcoming of Carlos Xavier, our senior consultant in Brazil. Read more

Teo Garments: Exploring the Unexplored – Read how Teo Garments, a trusted business partner of more than 30 years has transformed from a reliable supplier to an innovative solution provider for parent and baby bonding through garment ideas. Read more

Saradise: Living the Sarawak Dream – Can business help to contribute to the identity of a location? For this Sarawakian property developer, the answer is yes. We talked to Dato Chris Chung, Group CEO of Saradise, to understand more about their dream and what has inspired them to take this adventure. Read more

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