The Columnist | Issue 35 | Rewriting the rules of the economic system

Apr 3, 2017 | Columnist Summary

If you think about it, the last two global financial crises happened because of the insatiable greed for more money. Money is essential for sure, but it should never be the driving force behind economic growth. In this issue, read about the thought-provoking reflection about the talk of the economy by Pope Francis; find out what makes employees satisfied with their jobs besides compensation and a PurposeCore case study on how to nurture bonds of love.

Pope Francis Delivered The Hard Talk About The Economy That Davos Didn’tThrough a thought-provoking talk about the economy on 4th of February, Pope Francis invited us to rethink about the purpose of money; to reconsider what is the purpose of helping economic victims when we should prevent more victims in the first place and how our relationships with each other should be a gift. Read more

Back to basic: What is company culture? – What is corporate culture and why does everyone seem to have so many different interpretations? Read more

BOVE: A beautiful bond – Spring Maternity has recently launched its new concept store, BOVE, which is now the largest pregnancy and birth experience hub in Asia. Read how they have transformed from a value-for-money and functional product supplier of maternity and baby products to an advisor for maternity and early parenthood. Read more

An Asian Method of Business Design for Innovation – Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, joined many international and Singapore leaders from design, business and public sector to share experiences and insights on how design is a key driver of innovation for a better world, at the Innovation by Design Conference 2017 in Singapore on March 8. Watch his presentation here

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