The Columnist | Issue 34 | 2017: Time for Solutions, Not Rhetoric

Dec 22, 2016 | Columnist Summary

A new world order has arrived, marked by uncertain global trends, social divisions, political missteps and growing economic inequalities. 2016 has proven to be a year of seismic changes: Donald Trump’s historic win and Brexit were the most unimaginable events. What this mean is, we need to prepare ourselves to be ready for change and learn how to lead it in 2017. In this issue, read about the 4 principles for effective change in business and learn how to see things in unity with others so as to see the future with new eyes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Challenges of the New World Order: The disruption of Industry 4.0 and why a unified approach is needed – In this epoch-changing era, without change, many businesses will not survive, resulting in more unemployment and destabilization. Find out more about 4 basic principles for change to be effective. Read more

NetSong triumphs at the International Landscape Design Competition for Han Riverfront in Danang – A PlaceCORE project, ‘NetSong’, developed by CPG Consultants, Consulus, Landscape Jardins Asia and Glopan, won the Second Prize and the Public Choice Award. There is no First Prize awarded for this competition. Read more

EoC Incubating International Network: Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs in the spirit of communion – The Columnist talked to Ms Florencia Locascio, Communication & Training Manager at EoC Incubating International Network (EoC-IIN) to find out more about their project and how it plays the role in building an economy for all. Read more

Do You See the Elephant? – As hard as it is, we need to take a moment to step outside ourselves, view the world through the eyes of our opponents, see what they see, understand their fears, concerns and motivation. Read more

4th Industrial Revolution Way of Ideation: 6 Steps to Unify Experts and Streams of Thought – How well you work with each other, especially with someone of another discipline will matter in terms of creating the type of solutions that are suitable for this new era. Read more

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