The Columnist | Issue 33 | Special Edition: Celebrating World Company Day

Aug 15, 2016 | Columnist Summary

As we celebrate another World Company Day with more than 200 signatories today, we invited some of our signatories from Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia to share how they build a thriving business while making a difference to shape a better world.

The DNA of Companies: Designed for Good – We should not have to give an award to a company that is seeking to do good, it is in their DNA and should be the standard. Read more

Prima Luce: When a scarf can bridge differences and bring about changes for the better – A scarf can be more than just a fashion accessory. Find out more about what Kyoko Yoshida, Founder of Prima Luce, an online accessory brand from Japan, has done to shape a better world. Read more

RMIT Vietnam: Shaping responsible leaders for Asia – Read what Professor Gael McDonald, President of RMIT Vietnam, the Asian hub of Melbourne-based University has to say about how the university has been shaping a better world by creating life-changing experiences for students. Read more

Naked Press: Healthy living is happy living – Find out more about how Stacey Hermijanto, Co-Founder of Naked Press, a fresh premium cold-pressed juice brand from Indonesia, and her team shape a better world by improving the livelihoods of customers, employees and community. Read more

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