The Columnist | Issue 32: Unity, The Key to Innovation and Growth

Jun 30, 2016 | Columnist Summary

This month as we celebrated our 12th anniversary, a major rupture happened in Europe after Brexit. It seems that the idea of unity is no longer the sign of our times, but we humbly disagree. As the roars for divisions grow, we must step up our efforts to help bring about a more just and united world. In this issue, learn how you can achieve innovation and growth through unity at the corporate level, and how we, through building unity, can make the places where we live and work more liveable and sustainable.


Unity, Our Method for Innovation and Growth – A note of gratitude on the 12th anniversary of Consulus and a reflection on our method for innovation: Unity. Read more

World Cities Summit: Unity for Liveable and Sustainable cities – Find out more about what Mr Larry Ng, Managing Director of World Cities Summit, believes are the pressing urban issues and what should be done to make cities more livable and sustainable. Read more

CPG Consultants And Consulus Join Forces To Turn Development Visions Into Reality – What can we expect from PlaceCORE, the marriage between multidisciplinary urban development and business design? Read more

A conversation about PlaceCORE with Chee Yung,Karthik Karkal and Helena Pham – Find out more on what the key leaders at CPG and Consulus believe in and how PlaceCORE can potentially achieve for the communities involved and shape the future of both companies. Read more

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