The Columnist | Issue 31: Open wide the vision of your world

Apr 14, 2016 | Columnist Summary

Today, the speed in transfer of best practices, know-how and how you appreciate talent and cultural diversity becomes critical. Companies that are able to do these things well will have the edge. In this issue, learn how you can end war at work, rethink your business model and learn from other cultures.

War at work -How to design your culture to end it so as to stem the loss of talent and productivity? Read more

A Vietnamese Strategy for an Open World -If Vietnamese companies want to compete on an equal footing as a new wave of competition appears on the horizon, then it is a matter of choice and not about the environment. Read more

Continuing Consulus Bangladesh’s Adventure -Bangladesh is a market with unrealized potential. The return of Consulus comes at a time when Bangladeshi business leaders seek to emulate successful business models to grow globally. Read more

Business leaders in Thailand to rethink their business models for sustainable growth -An innovative and creative conference to help Thai business leaders think about how to restrategise to profit from the AEC and build companies that are drivers of innovation through business design. Read more

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