Siow Chiang Rebrands as SureCatch World

Mar 6, 2013 | News & Updates, Singapore

Singapore (January 17, 2013) – Siow Chiang & Company Private Limited, Southeast Asia’s leading wholesaler and manufacturer of sports fishing tackle has rebranded itself using the new name of SureCatch World.


Siow Chiang & Company Private Limited has rebranded itself using the new name of SureCatch World.


The change reflects the group’s vision to be a holistic provider of products and experiences for sports fishing tackle. It also reflects the group’s aspiration of working together with their partners to achieve success. From manufacturing, wholesaling and providing a diverse portfolio of brands, SureCatch World aims to add value to existing partners by creating new products and experiences. The rebranding also sets the stage for the company to expand its operations globally.


The brand has updated all its consumer touchpoints to reflect the new Surecatch World identity.


“We now have a complete end-to-end offering and as we seek more partners overseas, we needed a rebrand to give us a global identity. The name SureCatch World aptly captures the company’s spirit of innovation and commitment to creating great fishing experiences,” said Doris Toh, Chief Executive Officer of SureCatch World.

“With the rebranding of Siow Chiang as SureCatch World, we now see a clearer unification of the product brands under the corporate brand. This definitely lends synergy and reinforces the overall image in the minds of trade customers  and consumers. Consulus is privileged to be part of this journey in the rebranding efforts.” said Tang Ying Chun, Strategy Manager of Consulus.

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Consulus Elects First Chairwoman: Helena Pham

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