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Our mission is to serve Consulites and our clients globally and in Singapore to help leaders and enterprises transform in order to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0

The capabilities and the type of solutions that we provide .

  • Business Transformation Solutions – PurposeCORE 50% 50%
  • Place Economy Transformation and Branding – PlaceCORE 25% 25%
  • New Experience Concepts – ExperienceCORE 25% 25%

Our work includes:

  1. Support and coordinate the work of Consulites (Consultants of Consulus) world-wide in their mission of shaping a better world
  2. Transforming a company’s business model, help them build the capacity for innovation and create their own intellectual property.
  3. Reimagine new service and retail experiences
  4. Help shape urban renewal in Asia through place innovation and community engagement.
  5. Specific to Singapore, we work with government agencies to help companies transform to meet the challenges of the digital economy.


Welcome to the World Centre for Consulus, where we serve as coordination centre for global projects, deployment of Consulites (Consulus Consultants) and support the growth of city offices present in Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. 

The overall thrust of our work globally is to contribute to a new and sustainable economic system through our innovation work. This is critical as the world is going through the transition towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

Singapore is one of the 25 countries most prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution, is a global financial city with a world-renowned air and sea port. Singapore is also a city that is a bridge between the East and West. The strong infrastructure and connectivity of Singapore is why 37,400 international firms choose to have their headquarters here.

This page hosts the role of the World Centre and the country page of Consulus Singapore that serves leaders, SMEs and MNCs in the city-state.

Background of Consulus in Singapore

In 2004, the partners of three separate companies specialising in strategy, public relations and graphic design came together to offer a more sustainable form of consultancy for companies.

The founding philosophy was that companies needed an inside-out approach to redesign their business models so that they could sustain their gains to be more competitive. Consulus was thus founded on 21st June 2004. It was built on the premise of management consultants and designers coming together and building up internal teams and processes for companies to maximise their potential.

Since then, Consulus has served leading organisations from New York to Singapore. Clients range from billion dollar companies – like SembCorp, MTU, Millennium Hotels & Resorts and Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam – to unique experiences such as, myVillage and family enterprises such as Cyclect. It has also served public institutions such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital, IE Singapore, the National University of Singapore and business owners and founders who want to shape the corporate and consumer world.  

Through a variety of channels, such as Shape the World Conference which has been conducted in six countries reaching 5000 individuals, Consulus brings new ideas in business and design so that a new Asia will emerge. Additionally, a quarterly newsletter The Columnist reaches out to 200,000 leaders and professionals offering new solutions and insights on business, design and world affairs.

The company has also worked with local trade associations such as SCCCI, SBF, SMA and ASME to help companies re-imagine their business models and brands. Consulus Singapore has been recognised as a leading creative firm and won Singapore Design Awards and Singapore Good Design Mark .

Steven Tan

Steven Tan

Director for SMEs and Retail Strategy

A Certified Management Consultant by TUV SUD PSB, he works with SMEs in Singapore on business and brand transformation for internationalisation.

Sharon Kam

Sharon Kam

Head, Creative Strategies

Works with multinational firms based in Singapore and government agencies in the city state on innovation and creative solutions. 

Rawi Ahmed

Rawi Ahmed

Partner at Consulus (Global Operations)

Supports the work of Consulites globally

Contact us

Address: Clarke Quay Central, 8 Eu Tong Seng Street, #25-87, Singapore 059818

Watch this video of our talk at Innovation by Design Conference 2017 organized by Design Singapore Council

ASEAN Smart City Projects. Time for a Seismic Shift

ASEAN Smart City Projects. Time for a Seismic Shift

ASEAN, a region of rich diversity faced with rising fault lines means it cannot be business as usual for Smart City initiatives. These initiatives cannot appear to be tone deaf and will need more than just a tech or infrastructure-led approach. It will require smart governance, inclusive economic and urban development strategies. Here are some thoughts from our experience in advising and working on Smart City projects in the region.

New Professional Certification for Mr Steven Tan

New Professional Certification for Mr Steven Tan

Consulus Singapore is pleased to announce that Mr Steven W H Tan, our Director for Retail & Social Impact is now certified as a Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant by TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd.

An Asian Method of Business Design for Innovation

An Asian Method of Business Design for Innovation

Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, shared experiences and insights on how design is a key driver of innovation, and how it has a transformative impact on individuals and corporations, creating game-changing possibilities for a better world, at the Innovation by Design Conference 2017 in Singapore on March 8.

Do You See the Elephant?

Do You See the Elephant?

As hard as it is, we need to take a moment to step outside ourselves, view the world through the eyes of our opponents, see what they see, understand their fears, concerns and motivation.

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