Shape the World Summit convenes Global Leaders and Professionals from diverse sectors to Shape a Better Economy by Design

Jun 1, 2021 | News & Updates, Press

The 4-hour virtual global summit on 21 June 2021 by Consulus Global to shape and amplify impact in four aspects from better businesses, non-profits, communities, and leadership. 

Singapore, 1st June 2021 — COVID-19 has reshaped political, socio-economic conditions in many ways leaving in its wake, a broken global system. It can no longer be business as usual. How can we reshape business models that can be more resilient and yet shape a better world for good, improve effectiveness of non-profit organisations for greater impact. This prolonged pandemic has also created divisions and isolation in many communities, how can we nurture a sense of shared well-being and co-interests. Many leaders have been shell shocked by this pandemic so how can we form leaders in a holistic way to manage their teams in a complex world. With this as a backdrop, “Shape a Better Economy by Design” is chosen as the theme for this summit. The aim is to accelerate change by bringing diverse stakeholders together for common action.

The summit which will begin from the following times Washington 7am (EDT), Rome 1pm (CEST) and Singapore 7pm (GMT +8) is expected to draw participants from 12 international organisations from 7 countries, and over 200 delegates from 20 nations covering Asia, Europe, and North America; from the public sector, business, and civil society who have committed themselves to shaping an inclusive economic system with a preference for equitable and sustainable growth. 

Speakers will discuss a diverse range of topics: from why family-owned organisations need to change and how to embed impact into strategy, to why a new way of thinking about impact is the best way for businesses to thrive in the new age. 

The discussions will include new approaches on how to enable dignified lifestyle for the elderly, and how to shape communities of purpose and contribute to the common good; new approaches in leadership development, professional and educational development for the youth.     

The event will also see a number of announcements on new global initiatives for impact which will only be unveiled on that day. 

This one-day summit is organized by Consulus and the entire program will be on Zoom and live streamed on FB and Youtube. 

If the world’s economic systems are going to become more inclusive and sustainable, we need leaders who have a vision for this. In our leadership formation programs, we use a process of “See, Judge, Act.” It is important for leaders and others with influence to attend this summit to “see” the current situation and increase the urgency, “judge” and evaluate the ways to impact our present and future, and “act” in concrete ways to bring about the vision for a better world,” said Jim Funk, Chairman for Consulus Global Network.

We invite all of you, who endeavor to impact a better economy for a sustainable future to join us. 

For more information about Shape the World Summit 2021, please visit the event page at:

About Shape the World Summit 2021

Consulus is the convener for Shape the World Conference (STWC), a creative thought-leadership event aimed at providing design-led strategies to inspire companies to transform their business and organizational models to shape a better world. More than 7,000 delegates have participated in STWC from around the region since 2005. The conference was launched in Singapore and has been held in the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. 

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