Shape the World Discovery Workshop

Jul 2, 2013 | Seminars

Discover new ways to create an innovative culture and secure business growth.


The world has changed but has your brand evolved? This creative workshop helps your company’s leaders understand the changes around you and how your business needs to change from the inside-out to meet the opportunities of the new world. Participants will be to see with new eyes through learning new organisational tools, techniques and attitudes needed to foster creativity and innovation to create new ideas for growth.


This is supposed to be the Asian century and yet Asian brands do not shape the world in terms of innovation, ideals and business models. Branding alone in the traditional sense is not enough. Without real internal cultural change and without increasing capacity for innovation, traditional branding which is limited to corporate image and marketing will not impact business performance.

This highly insightful workshop has been taught to over 1,000 business teams in over 6 countries and aims to change your perspective on the power of branding in business. It entails highly interactive exercises aim at helping non-marketing personnel realise see the transformative power of branding and how it can make a real difference in business.

Through relevant case studies based in Asia, participants will have the confidence to understand that they too can build brands that will shape the world. The workshop will cover issues such as how to overcome poor internal collaboration, how to understand the impact of good design to drive business value and how to develop capacity for innovation. Participants who have been through the session felt energised, learnt new skills in communicating the purpose and how to enhance organisational culture.

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1 Day

Group Size:
Up to 30 participants to attend this private workshop for your organisation.

USD 5,000 per group
Exclusive offer for The Columnist subscribers: USD 3,500 (Valid until 31 Aug 2013)

Who Should Attend?
This program is designed for senior-level management executives.

Deliverables and Documentation:

  • Presentation materials, case studies, tools and templates, and workshop notes
  • High-level strategies and plans
  • Consulus’s recommendations based on participants’ work during the workshop

Key Benefits:

  • A systematic way on how to use a creative approach to drive business value
  • All non-marketing persons will learn how to contribute to the branding and creative process
  • Transformative insights into how design shapes and defines value
  • Greater sense of participation after learning how to apply the tools.
  • Learn how to communicate concepts and innovative ideas through an established framework
  • Understand how these methods are relevant to the Asian culture and context
  • Practical approach for small companies in adopting a business design approach
  • Greater synergy among participants as all are able to share their hopes and concerns
  • Change in mindset towards innovation and creative development, enhancing participation

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