Sensing the Next S-Curve at the Shanghai World Expo 2010

Sep 23, 2010 | China, Events, News & Updates

DesignS, a network of eight design associations in Singapore, presented the Singapore design showcase, “Sensing the Next S-Curve,” at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 from 8 to 29 September 2010.  This presentation was commissioned by the DesignSingapore Council and organised by DesignS, and featured Singapore’s expertise in delivering globally adaptable and integrated design solutions for businesses. The exhibit was developed by Consulus, who sponsored the brand concept, strategy and design of the exhibit.

The challenge was how to strategically integrate all the diverse design disciplines that DesignS represents into an integrated story, and this was done by offering a glimpse of Singapore Design capabilities at a multi- sensory exhibition at the Shanghai World Expo through three tracks – DesignSpace (urban planning, architecture, interior design and landscape design), DesignShape (fashion, furniture, product and industrial design) and DesignSense (advertising, branding and graphic design).  As part of the exhibition, a video screening of works from various design disciplines was projected on nine large screens. 1,000 Polaroids that also formed the shape of the Singapore island and showed the portrait of the design community in Singapore and their works that shape the future was also viewable.

“Design enables businesses to gain a competitive edge and acts as a differentiator in a crowded marketplace.  Businesses now need to offer an integrated experience for their customers and this is where a multi-disciplinary design approach will give businesses distinctive advantages,” said Mr Jeffrey Ho, Director of the DesignSingapore Council.

‘It is never easy to introduce diverse networks and alliances. But through design complimented with a business understanding, I was glad the team was able to put together an experience which aptly captures the spirit of the DesignS network,” Mr Lawrence Chong, CEO at Consulus, said.


The major highlight of the Singapore design showcase, “Sensing the Next S-Curve”, was the S-curve wall, which featured 3 key themes as attractions that tell the success story of Singapore Design.

DesignSpace – The 100 Mirrors
The hundred mirrors created hundreds of reflections, visually creating hundreds more of the same space that it occupied. This represented the ability of Singapore Design to creatively work around our limited spaces to create value that is multiplied through the use of simple yet powerful ideas. Within the country’s limited space, Singapore designers always have to imagine new possibilities and introduce scalable and yet sustainable solutions.  That is why Singapore designers now serve in many parts of the world to transform and maximise space through design.

DesignSense – Sensory Engagement
The lightweight pins of the display moved in harmony with the influences of the surrounding environment, moving in reaction to the slightest touch or breeze. Our ability to understand the environment around us allows us to gain a gentle influence which allows Singapore the soft power to reach beyond nations. As a reliable link to both Western and Eastern markets, Singapore has been serving as an important gateway for brands seeking opportunities in either direction. As a regional hub for brand promotion, Singapore designers are comfortable in promoting brands in either environment.

DesignShape – Traditional Norms, Global Perspective
The hardened foam formation represented the endless possibilities that are intricate, yet solid and stable. From everyday items to high-end fashion, Singapore’s ethnic diversity gives us a global perspective to produce products in tune with the trends. Singapore designers are able to appreciate and present traditional norms through designs that are relevant to our times.


Consulus is a corporate sponsor of DesignS. The brand concept, strategic brand model, brand name, identity visuals and brand messages of DesignS were developed by Consulus. For more information of the business strategy of DesignS, please click here.

The brand concept, strategic brand model, brand name, identity visuals, brand messages and exhibit design of the Shanghai Expo showcase and were developed by Consulus.

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