Round Table Discussion: Design Leadership in Asia

Aug 17, 2011 | English, News & Updates, Seminars, Singapore

Lawrence Chong, Director for Strategy at Consulus, joined Interior Design Confederation Singapore IDC(S) and other industry stakeholders in a round table discussion, the first in a series of open platform discussions by IDC(S) to engage the local industry, in July 2011 at the Wilkhahn showroom.

Facilitated by IDC(S) President Nicholas Merrow-Smith, the panel weighed in on the following issues:

  • Are we using our talent effectively?
  • Do we agree on common aspirations for practice? Do we have common goals?
  • Design leadership: How can key industry stakeholders bring about a better design solution and quality of design?

To learn more about the discussion, you can read part one and part two of Indesign Media’s online report.