ROS Expands its Capabilities with a New Waterfront Facility

Mar 13, 2012 | B2C, Clients, English, Events, SME

Rotating Offshore Solutions Pte Ltd (ROS) broke new ground on 7 March 2012 at the Offshore Marine Center in Tuas. With a new waterfront facility strategically sited at Tuas South Avenue 8, the ROS Waterfront Development will enable Singapore to convert more FPSOs through solutions for FPSO topside modules and shorter production lead times with more consistency in product quality.


From left to right: Mr Eli Xanthopoulos (Director of Engineering, ROS), Mr Chia Kuan Wee (Executive Director – Finance, ROS), Mr Ted Tan (Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SPRING Singapore), Mr Manohar Khiatani (Chief Executive Officer of JTC), Mr Victor Lim, (Executive Director – Contracts, ROS), and Mr Srinivasan Murugesan (Executive Director – Operations, ROS)

ROS also unveiled a new corporate identity which underscored its commitment to becoming one of Asia’s leading engineering practices with a focus on developing strong engineering know-how and technology.


From left to right: Mr Ted Tan (Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SPRING Singapore) and Mr Victor Lim (Executive Director – Contracts, ROS)

ROS is a multi-disciplinary specialist provider of detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services (EPCC) to the onshore and offshore oil and gas sector. ROS’s customers are among the world’s largest owners and operators of FPSOs as well as multinational engineering companies in the oil and gas industry. ROS’s principal business is in the EPCC of topside modules for FPSO and FPU.

Change is necessary to move up the value chain

“I was skeptical at first, but [change is necessary if] we want to move up the value chain. If we stay in fabrication, it is not sustainable due to growing competition. We need to be a value-based, knowledge-based company. Moving forward we want to hire an experienced team to help us achieve that objective.” Victor Lim, Chief Executive Officer of ROS, said.

In March 2011 ROS’s Board of Directors decided to engage Consulus, a regional brand consultancy firm to transform its B2B brand. The organisational branding exercise commenced after two months of intensive research conducted with all stakeholders, including staff, customers, principals and suppliers. Armed with the research findings, Consulus consultants worked closely with key ROS personnel to redefine the inherent purpose of the company. Indeed ROS exists to “draw upon in depth experience and process innovation to enable clients to meet complex engineering challenges”. This purpose statement defines a clear criteria for the new identity of the firm. The new identity symbolises the engineering power of ROS through repeated building blocks to show scalability thanks to the smart collaboration between ROS and its clients.

“Competition has become stiffer in recent years with the rise of better engineering companies from emerging nations. It is therefore imperative for companies like ROS to further develop its engineering know-how and present more in-depth solutions. We are glad to be part of the process to enable ROS achieve leadership in the EPCC sector and emerge as one of Asia’s fasting growing B2B Brands”, Lawrence Chong, Chief Executive Officer at Consulus, said.

The branding exercise also went deep into the inherent methodology that would minimise risks for clients. Continuously adopting this methodology through the whole organisation is not a small exercise, but the strong and aggressive commitment from the management team will make it happen.

“It was indeed a challenging project for the team to work on. Challenging in terms of changing the conservative and traditional thinking of the client and getting them to accept our branding and design strategies in order to compete in the global market and stay relevant. What is most satisfying is the pride and passion of the Consulus team’s effort involved in this project was recognised and appreciated by the client and guests present at the ground breaking ceremony,” Florence Oh, Director at Consulus, said.

“I feel blessed to have a chance to work with ROS team on this branding project. It’s a great sense of fulfillment to observe how the team spirit has been put into action at ROS since day one,” Helena Pham, Senior Manager at Consulus, shared.

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