Regional leaders to meet at 4th Shape the World Conference on building Asian brands

Nov 15, 2011 | Brunei, Events, Past Seminars, Philippines, Seminars, Singapore

Singapore (15/11/2011) – Private and public sector leaders from the Asia-Pacific region will convene at the Shape the World Conference in Singapore on 24 November 2011 to discuss strategies and review challenges facing Asian brands as a new world order emerges.

This fourth edition of the conference, which will take place at the historic Fullerton Hotel, will gather 100 leaders from 30 nations.

With Europe in turmoil and a US economy still struggling to find its feet, Asian economies now play a bigger role in driving sustainable growth globally. However, while Asia is expected to serve as a growing market for consumer products, few Asian brands are near the top league of brands.

To lead the future Asian companies must catch up in terms of creating intellectual property, developing unique business models and designing new experiences.

“This gathering acts as a platform for promising Asian leaders to re-imagine their business models and find relevant partners in order to achieve a sustained competitive advantage.” Lawrence Chong, CEO at Consulus, said.

Organised by Consulus and supported by the Association for Small and Medium Enterprises, the 4th Shape the World Conference will explore the following issues:

  • trends and challenges affecting the rise of Asian brands;
  • the development of a new generation of Asian leaders;
  • organisational strategies to enable collaboration and innovation;
  • the role of the public sector in nurturing the growth of Asian brands; and
  • fresh strategic perspectives derived from an integrated business and design approach.

“It is very important to involve policy makers in this conversation and allow business leaders to learn from a diverse group of talents such as designers, thinkers and innovators,” Chong said.

The panel of speakers comprises the following:

  • Usec Jose Mari Oquiñena, Undersecretary, Presidential Communications, Operations Office, Office for Special Concerns, Philippine Government;
  • Mr Idris T Vasi, Chief Executive Officer, DST, the leading telecommunications company in Brunei Darussalam;
  • Mr Melvin Tan, Managing Director, Cyclect Group; and
  • Mr Lawrence Chong, CEO, Consulus.

After the speaker presentations and panel discussions, the following interactive workshops or Brand Labs will be held in the afternoon:

  • Brand Lab 1: Leadership Strategy – Continue the conversation with panel speakers and develop new strategies to help Asian leaders rethink their business models and dominate the future.
  • Brand Lab 2: Organisational Strategy – Learn how an authentic purpose is crucial to building a sustainable brand and enhancing business innovation and performance.
  • Brand Lab 3: Customer Service Strategy – Learn how a holistic approach to customer service strategy can generate more affinity and higher recall for your brand.

Leaders from government, business and non-profit sectors, including senior management from multinational corporations and small and medium enterprises from Asia, are expected to attend.

To receive more information or to arrange interviews with speakers, please contact call +65 62 939495 or

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