Business Transformation for Innovation.

Since 2004, the world’s first 3-in-1 business transformation method integrates business, human resources, and design.

PurposeCORE Program

Future Resilience by Design

Our most advanced transformation program ever

The three essential conditions for innovation to work:


Finding and defining existential purpose is what drives extraordinary human effort


Success is not chance but by an eco-system design that reflects purpose and can unify a people for action


Then world-changing innovation and growth happens as a consequence

Project process & features

3-in-1 approach to review capacity of business model

When business, organizational specialists and designers conduct research together, they gain extraordinary insights into the strength and creative potential of the business. We look at business models, organizational culture, customer relationships and brand experience, leaving no stone unturned.

A statistical model to define strategic purpose and business model

Combining a statistical approach with creative thinking allows us to help companies identify a viable purpose and business model. This purpose acts as a strategic reference point and helps to guide the business model, company culture, succession plan and brand experience.

A sensory experience to present data and secure commitment

Through a 13-year experience in conducting workshops for senior and middle management, this programme introduces a sensory and creative approach to present data and secure buy-in. From drawing out the thoughts of the participants, to a picture and sound experience, it is a moving moment for many companies who have experienced it.

A proven unifying approach to reshape organizational performance

The programme implements a inhernet beliefs approach through a systemic redesign on how leaders are developed to how ideas are nurtured and then implemented for business growth. It is an inclusive approach taking into consideration cultural sensitivities.

Unique design experience to create new intellectual property

We applied creative thinking and co-develop new experiences and brands with the employees of our clients so that they can reshape value and gain new revenue streams.

Applied in diverse industries across the world since 2004

The PurposeCORE™ programme has been deployed in businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations in different business situations from multinational companies to small and medium enterprises in different cultural environments.

No. of employees on the client side who have been shaped by PurposeCORE


Average Growth after implementation

Revenue impact after implementation in USD billion

No. of countries where PurposeCORE has been implemented

About the PurposeCORE experience

The motivation for this transformation exercise is to look for a new growth driver and move up the value chain, not just manufacturing, not just doing contract works for others. The exercise has worked very well and it was enlightening and also encouraging to be nudged into exploring new areas. Wilson Teo

Managing Director, Teo Garments (A regional Asian Enterprise)

  • Declining profit margins
  • Inability to retain talent
  • Caught in price wars
  • Lack scalability in business model
  • Lack innovation capabilty
  • Time for Succession Planning
  • Change of business model to meet challenges of Industry 4.0
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in industry
  • Pre-IPO
    • A new business model harnessing existing channels and identifying new opportunities so as to move into niche industries for higher margins = More profit and secure investor confidence
    • A new organisational model that can nurture leadership capacity to support the new business model through strategic planning and design = More Scalability and attract better talents
    • A new and well-managed brand experience which reflects the vision of an innovation-led corporation and better monetisation from brand assets from corporate and leadership levels. = Enhanced reputation and value
  • Business and Design Research
  • Purpose Model Design
  • Organisational Culture Design
  • Business Model Design
  • Portfolio Review and Reorganisation
  • Leadership Development Programmes
  • Brand Messaging Strategy
  • Brand Experience Design

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10 Rules to Innovate from the Inside-out

Is your organisation designed to innovate?

If you are a Business-to-Business Company


  • Holistic business review, with recommendations on your business model and future opportunities
  • Strategic workshop with key management for leadership alignment
  • New organisational structure
  • Proposed strategic roadmap, based on renewed strategic focus
  • Proposed brand experience, based on clarified business purpose

If you are a Business-to-Consumer Company


  • Identify possible areas for innovation to have an impact on revenue
  • Enhance revenue opportunities through reorganization for better collaboration and effectiveness
  • New Organizational structure
  • Strengthen perceived value and raise margins through better retail model and experience.

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