Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

Transformation of a Catholic University with Purpose and Unity

Project aim

A PurposeCORE Project to reinvent and transform the University. A 360 audit was conducted to harness the institution’s unique capabilities for new global business opportunities, for value-based organisational development and new brand identity to propel the renewed University purpose.


Solidifying the Organisational Purpose

To help the University rediscover and strategically develop on its charismatic foundation.

Redesigning Business Model for future growth

To develop new approaches to redesigning the university model to ensure that it is future-ready.

Shaping the next generation of Leaders

To enable the University to shape graduates who are purpose-driven, creative, competent and global-ready.

Project Information

Industry: Education
Location: Asia, Taiwan
Type of solutionPurposeCORE
Client: Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Year of completion: 2020

  • Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisational design
  • Human capital development
  • Innovation methodology design
  • Branding
  • Training
  • Marketing communications

      We chose Consulus out of so many consultants because they have passion and purpose which is very rare and as Wenzao needs to rediscover purpose, we picked Consulus as our partner.

      Margaret Mei-hua Chen, Ed.D.

      President, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

      Implemented Deliverables
      • Conducted a 360 review and audit including a review of internal documentation on processes and practices, observation studies, organisational surveys and in-depth interviews with various key internal and external stakeholders 
      • Conducted 14 focus group interview with students, alumni, staff and industry partners
      • Conducted 23 face-to-face interviews with top management and 44 interviews with the academic and administrative staff.
      • Facilitated 3-day strategic retreat with 60 top and middle management personnel 
      • Facilitated leadership retreat with over 50 top and middle management personnel
      • Conducted professional development training with over 200 management and academic staff
      • Conducted career discovery workshop with over 30 students Strategic Initiatives
      • Developed a custom-designed problem-solving method, the Laurel Method, to be used in developing new solutions that will impact university and student life
      • Developed and designed the Wenzao-Ursuline leadership Centre initiative to govern the transition and development of the new organisational culture
      • Developed the Wenzao-Ursuline Leadership Ascension Programme for career planning and progression for staff personal development. 
      • Designed an operational plan and roadmap for the Wenzao Global Centre, a global education and language training centre to extend the university’s reach globally
      • Designed a learning and co-creation experience space in Wenzao, the Wenzao Future Work Lab, an interactive exhibit and assessment centre to develop skills that the students would need to thrive in their future work and careers. 
      • A new brand and visual identity, including a redesigned logo, new tagline and the development of new design assets for branding purposes (website wireframe and sitemap, wall stickers, parking tags, university hoodie and shirts, stationary, etc)
      • Developed a corporate identity manual and brand story messaging kit containing the new brand inspirations, rationales and guidelines for use.

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