Designed and co-developed by Consulus, is an integrated car buying platform that simplifies many aspects of car buying in the UAE.

Originating from consumer’s personal frustrations encountered when buying cars, provides an easy to use, one-stop platform that combines car search, insurance and financing all in one unique site. What was once a time consuming process is now streamlined by Symplfy, which acts as a key connector between sellers and buyers. makes life easier by cutting out the time consumers takes to physically travel to various dealers during the car-buying process. They are now able to easily select and compare cars across brands online as well as get discounted quotes through the site, all without leaving home. Car financing is also simpler at, where consumers can get multiple financing quotes from one simple application without visiting individual bank branches. Getting quotes for car insurance is also a snap – be it on a new car or for annual renewal. is the first site in the UAE that provides a professional third party evaluation on all used cars before they are listed on the site for sale. is the first site in the UAE to integrate car sales, insurance and financing – three distinctly different products. We worked closely with the founders to develop unique user journeys while remaining sensitive to regulatory requirements for each segment. At the same time, we strived to present a single consistent user experience, driven by business strategy and interface design, all geared towards helping users of the site make better purchase decisions.

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