Sun Electric: Space is Fuel

An ExperienceCORE exercise was executed by Consulus to create a strategic educational programme and branding for Sun Electric, one of 6 companies selected by JTC Corporation and SPRING Singapore for funding in January 2015.

Sun Electric was founded by Matt Peloso to bring solar energy solutions into the mainstream mix. However, the founder realised that the company needed to define itself clearly in an environment where the public is ill-informed about the possibilities of solar power. An ExperienceCORE exercise was executed by Consulus to create a strategic educational programme and branding for Sun Electric.

Business Design

Business Plan Review

The sustainable energy sector is growing rapidly in Singapore but not all companies have the skills and intellectual competency for total system design when it comes to solar energy. The Singapore government has, only in recent years begun to actively push for sustainable energy solutions. This push has resulted in government grants or spaces to host talented entrepreneurs to set up operations in the country, to leverage on Singapore’s global business network and good governance as a springboard to other parts of Asia.

After reviewing the business plan, Consulus helped Sun Electric clarify its strategic differentiation. The company is more than just a reliable supplier of solar solutions: The complete strategic methodology brought about by the founder, Matt Peloso seeks to transform cities from being consumers of power to being generators in a comprehensive way. This is the key, it is more than just a supplier and is really a systems-type of business model.

With this in mind, the following purpose model was developed so as to serve as a strategic compass guiding all brand and education initiatives.

Brand Purpose Transforming urban environments from users to producers of sustainable power through solar in innovative ways.
Ability Provider of cost-effective and adaptable solar solutions for complex urban environments and layouts.
Influence Thought leader in maximising power generation through solar in urban environments.
Differentiation Platform catalyst which accelerates adoption of solar power through partners.


Brand Experience

‘Space is Fuel’ Identity

A new visual identity was developed and proposed to convey Sun Electric’s strength as being a system-type of brand in the urban environment

The logo was inspired by 3 elements: the sun, buildings and the letter ‘E’. The white lines suggest the layout of the city, a reference to the company’s unique value to manage and coordinate the entire system. The building shapes are formed by the letter ‘E’ which was illustrated and rotated. An ‘S’ in the middle, symbolises the role of Sun Electric as the system designer and leadership in working with partners to deploy the solutions.

The logo also serves as a visual reminder to staff, of Sun Electric’s position as pioneers in the industry through its unique methodology.

From stationery to marketing collaterals the new identity visual language served to remind all stakeholders of Sun Electric’s role in the urban environment and how its solutions can help transform cities.

Health City Novena logo

To drive home the benefits of a system like Sun Electric, Consulus developed a content strategy with an emphasis on educating the public on the total solutions that the company provides from supplying to companies and consumers. This included creating new service names such as Solarspace which is a Sun Electric solar panel installation programme for roofs in the city.

A set of uniquely designed educational icons to explain the benefits and process of Sun Electric Solutions was developed. Consulus developed a comprehensive enquiry and educational process to address concerns and queries which resulted in a website that can help customers understand the value of the solution.

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