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The 2008 Global Financial Crisis reminded Omega Integration that a wider market reach is needed for business stability. For overseas expansion, they required a world class identity that conveyed not only their engineering strength but a collaborative work culture.


Since the 1990s, Omega Integration is the premier complete telecommunication and fire and gas detection systems solution provider in Southeast Asia and beyond.

In 2008, the Global Financial Crisis reminded them that a wider market reach is needed for business stability. For overseas expansion, they required a world class identity that conveyed not only their engineering strength but a collaborative work culture. Consulus was engaged for a organisational branding exercise that aims to build a clearer brand identity, to provide a clearer direction for its employees and to engage with external stakeholders.

Only with (the staff’s) participation, (their) involvement, (their) commitment, are we able to make this journey

MR Dang TL

Managing Director, Omega Integration

Business Design

Customer and Organisational research provided insights into the needs and behaviours of Omega’s stakeholders. Based on these traits, the brand purpose was developed. Customised strategies in talent management, process development, supplier management and internal alignment were also planned.

Harnessing insights for sustainable business growth

Analytical studies revealed the need for a broader management team to lead Omega as they seek to expand into wider markets. Talent management and developing future leaders was a priority for the company. Staff expressed that a greater sense of employee empowerment, as well as clearer communication of career progression would help them envision growing alongside the company, which would encourage talent retention.

Consulus also uncovered that Omega faced challenges in communicating its engineering expertise in the expanding oil and gas market. Conveying its differentiation as an end-to-end solutions provider was crucial, in order for Omega to move up the value chain. In order to do this, Consulus worked hand-in-hand with senior management to propose the new purpose model for Omega.

Brand Purpose A System Integrator that delivers as promised, and that remains with the customer to the end.
Ability Seamless processes to fulfill the project requirements
Influence Assured delivery based on good talents and supplier support
Differentiation ‘Integrated Team’ image with backend support

Developing the next wave of leaders

Omega’s Managing Director, Mr. TL Dang recognised that an expanded team of leaders within the company is needed for the company’s sustainable growth. Consulus recommended that Omega needed to assess beyond technical capabilities and skills when developing corporate leaders. Potential leaders should also possess a mindset aligned to the company’s purpose and core values.

A customised 4 Level Leadership Ascension Program was developed for Omega. Each employee’s suitable career progression is mapped out based on their strengths and evaluated using a 360-degree approach.

Alignment towards a common goal

Omega had over 100 employees stationed across five Asian cities. In order to ensure that all of them are familiar with the new direction, and to encourage staff buy-in for the new brand identity, Consulus used a Train-the-Trainer approach.

A team of middle management across business functions and units were selected for the workshop conducted by Consulus. They were then empowered to coach and share the new brand values with other co-workers in their business unit. In each coaching exercise, staff members were also encouraged to share personal experiences where Omega’s core values were applied. This library of personal stories helped employees better identify with the new corporate identity.

Keeping the ball rolling

A Brand Circle was nominated amongst the staff to take charge of key branding activities within the company. They were tasked to develop a framework of brand practices or unique rituals to consistently realign new and existing staff members with Omega’s redefined purpose and core values.

An example of this is when staff were assigned puzzle pieces that when put together, formed a complete Omega logo. The inspiration of this exercise during the brand launch was to recognise each employee’s contribution and role in up-keeping the Omega brand.

Design for Business

Stemming from Omega’s engineering expertise as well as its specialisation in offering end-to-end solutions, the new brand identity showcased its ambition of being “A Systems Integrator that delivers as promised and remained with the customer till the end”.

An updated web and brochure strategy showcased Omega’s engineering expertise and enhanced the brand’s credibility. Internally, the design had to convey a sense of togetherness and belonging.

Being All In

“All In” is conversational, reflecting the close relationship between the brand and its customers and how they can count on Omega’s complete system with no compromises.


The new brand identity conveys Omega’s commitment in overcoming any system integration challenges, with interlocking loops speaking of the passion and dedication of the Omega staff in making things happen.

A 3D-application for the logo hints of speed, which reflects the company’s ability to respond quickly, while the colour was retained to pay homage to Omega’s beginnings.

The new identity served to communicate Omega’s outlook into the future, armed with its years of experience, knowledge and technology.

Different Contact Points, One Consistent Representation

From marketing collaterals to vehicle graphics, the new identity reminds internal and external stakeholders that Omega is synonymous with the “All In” attitude and offerings.

Improved online experience

Existing customers and employees expressed their trust in Omega as a specialist in its field, with well thought out solutions and good quality equipment. However, they felt that this could be better communicated through its product presentations, sales materials and web experience.

As a result, the new website focused on better communicating end-to-end solutions and conveying the peace of mind Omega offers to its customers. The photography art direction dictates that the heroes behind Omega are showcased and the photographs aim to convey the professionalism, diversity, dedication and teamwork amongst Omega’s staff members.

The new web experience also includes case studies and success stories, providing a positive reference point and demonstrated how Omega creates value for their customers through its holistic packages.

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