Mummys Market

Inspiring a smile in the minds of mummies in South East Asia

Project aim

A PurposeCore business and brand transformation project to increase overall profit margins and secure investor confidence, to improve business scalability for regional growth, and to enhance the Mummys Market brand reputation, brand equity and value in the market.


Business Model Design

To develop a new business model that could enable the company to move into adjacent industries for higher margins by harnessing existing channels and identifying new opportunities.

Operations and Process Design

To design a new scalable operational model that can support the new business model through process redesign.


To redesign and develop a new and well-managed brand experience that reflects the vision of an innovation-led corporation in order to enhance the company’s reputation and corporate value, and enable better monetisation from the development of brand assets.

Project Information


Location: Asia, Singapore
Type of solution: PurposeCORE
Client: Mummys Market
Year of completion: 2020

Implemented Deliverables
  • One-to-one interviews with the top management team and 5 head of department / senior executive team
  • Focus group interviews conducted with Mummys Market’s 39 end-customers
  • An online staff survey was conducted with 31 representative responses collected
  • An external communication audit was conducted to examine Mummys Market’s messaging approach and effectiveness across major channels, including website and social media. 
  • A process audit was conducted based on fairs to examine the operational efficiencies of Mummys Market.
  • A creative impact and experience audit was conducted to examine Mummys Market’s identity and retail experience in Singapore.
  • Facilitated a 2-day strategic retreat with the participation of top management and head of departments on the new business roadmap, new brand portfolio and new brand name.
  • Designed a customised set of strategic documents and standard operating procedural documents to equip the Mummys Market team with the tools to execute the new strategic operational roadmap
  • Conducted 2 strategic planning workshops and training with key management staff on the application of a strategic planning approach and integrating performance indicators to their respective strategic plans. 
  • Created a custom-planning tool that helped Mummys Market team confidently and quickly adapt as Covid19 hit
  • Developed a proprietary Standard operating procedures (SOP) manual to enhance internationalisation and scalability
  • Developed a full brand identity system including design of new creative assets, new web and application design, strategic marketing and communications approach, and Corporate Identity guide.
  • Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business model design
  • Human capital development
  • Operational Process/SOP/workflow design
  • Branding
  • Marketing communications
  • Training

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