Infinite Transports

Infinite opportunities for ex-offenders to reclaim their dignity and pay it forward

Project aim

The focus was to help Infinite Transports survive and thrive beyond Covid-19.

Project Information


  • Logistics & Supply Chain, Transportation & Distribution

Location: Asia, Singapore
Type of solution: PurposeCORE
Client: Infinite Transports Pte Ltd
Year of completion: 2020


As a social enterprise entrepreneur, the founder of Infinite Transports considers his business as a means to provide employment opportunities to ex-offenders and has implemented multiple reintegration initiatives to enable ex-offender employees to generate value for themselves and society through delivery services. However, the logistics business can be challenging and demanding, which creates a lot of fire-fighting related to people management for the founder. Consulus helped to codify the whole personnel management system so that the founder can free himself and focus on growing the business. With regards to the business activities, Consulus helped to redesign the business model and its operations to focus on high growth segments and build up sales, account management, and leadership capacity and capability.

  • Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial modelling
  • Business model design
  • Organisational design
  • Human capital development
  • Operational Process/SOP/workflow design
  • Branding
  • Marketing communications
  • Sales process design
  • Training
  • Social Impact
Implemented Deliverables
  • Developed Pivot roadmap
  • Developed 10-year Strategic Business Plan & Roadmap
  • Developed B2B Sales Engagement Guidelines, Process & Tools (Sales meeting agenda, Sales FAQ, Sales performance monitoring and tracking mechanism)
  • Upgraded the corporate brand identity and applications (including stationery, uniform, vehicles)
  • Developed Sales materials, including Sales Kit, Service Rate Card, Website GUI
  • Codified the proprietary Personnel Management system
  • Developed guidelines to conduct corporate cultural practices and new staff on-boarding process
  • Job description write-ups for new talents
  • New business’s Digital platform interface design mockup
  • Financial modelling and 5-year business plan for the new business
  • Developed Partnership strategy for the new business
  • Investment Pitch Deck for the new business
  • CEO mentoring

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