Health City Novena

A 17-hectare integrated healthcare hub  jointly developed by the Ministry of Health, the National Healthcare Group and Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Active promotion of preventive care is important to boost the health of Singaporeans. Coupled with the increasingly complex healthcare needs with Singapore’s growing and aging population, how can hospitals and health developments decrease the negative connotations the public may perceive of healthcare facilities? The public needed to be engaged in a positive manner so that they will be part of the development and use it for what it is: an accessible community space that is integrated in their day-to-day activities rather than a stop only when they need critical health care.

Business Design

Locality Analysis and Engagement Studies

Health City Novena is an integrated healthcare hub, spanning 17-hectares, jointly developed by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the National Healthcare Group and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), together with partners HCA Hospice Care, Dover Park Hospice, Ren Ci’s Nursing Homes and Community Hospital, National Skin Centre Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and National Neuroscience Institute (NNI).

At the onset of the master plan development stage, TTSH saw the importance of involving the community for a project of such scale and novelty. Other than consulting regulatory agencies and master plan consultants who are placemaking experts, TTSH leveraged on Consulus’ knowledge of best practices from the community engagement and creative work we did with UN-affiliated, non-profit and governmental organisations.

Brand Purpose Seek to elevate the healthcare ecosystem to transform the community
Ability An integrated network of healthcare service providers that sets new healthcare standards for Singapore
Influence A shared community space for wellness, lifestyle and educational needs
Differentiation A place-making platform for all stakeholders that adds vibrancy to the community
An initial public engagement reveal the common concerns that could occur during the development period and a locality analysis identified key areas to focus on. The Four C’s of the vision – Care, Continuous Learning and Innovation, Community, and Connectivity – was also mapped and developed into a community engagement plan, which included social media strategy and communication guidelines.

Brand Experience

An Inclusive Identity

Consulus’ engagement included research, engagement initiatives and developing an identity to best represent the vision of Health City Novena before handing over to the TTSH team for execution. Initial studies revealed the strong health and hospital associations, but the lifestyle and community aspects of the vision mapping was not represented.

As part of the insights from the community engagement study, Consulus designed an identity to bring across the vision of Health City Novena so that the community may understand the purpose of the development. The visual identity is designed like an invitation for the community to come and enjoy the spaces. It is not meant to work like a logo but more like an inclusive identity, similar to the Olympics.

Health City Novena logo
The symbol, designed in a form of a heart-shaped tree, represents the hub of vitality, energy and life that Health City aims to be for the community. The 19 icons woven together represents the vision of Health City Novena to be more than just a hospital. Each icon stands for the different facets of Health City, including a place of enrichment, a place to heal, a place to meet and a place for entertainment and leisure. Also, the colours were chosen to represent the different healthcare partners involved in the development.
The tree of life symbol, which also incorporated elements from all the partners in the development, provided a warmer touch to appeal to the community and decrease the stigma of a hospital.

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