Through PurposeCORE we helped to reorganise the DST group to optimise its business processes and opportunities that to promote a unified experience

Business Design

Datastream Technology was founded in 1994 but by late 90s, there was a need to place all the subsidiaries under one corporate umbrella. Thus, DST group was created. Despite having a holding name, the individual subsidiaries remained largely independent in the aspects of identity as well as operation. There was a need to reorganise the entire DST group to optimise its business processes and opportunities that to promote a single identity.

Internal and external insights

Two key insights about how internal and external stakeholders viewed DST were gathered at the initial phase of the project. The first insight revealed that the staff had little motivation to collaborate with other subsidiaries. The reason behind their complacency is that since DST is already the leading telecommunication company in Brunei, there was no need to improve themselves.

Secondly, because DST had such a wide range of services and customers, they lacked the ability to draw relationships between the services taken up by different customers. Hence, the was a need to develop a different approach where a complementary set of services is matched to a customer persona, i.e. a working adult or a student

Unified through brand purpose

A strategic brand model was developed to align the various DST subsidiaries. The new purpose provides a clear direction for each individual sub-brand which also clarifies the role of each employee. Subsequently, this sense of unity creates a consistent customer experience. Oil and gas are the two strongest associations to Brunei, however that had to change as highlighted in the Vision 2035: A Manifesto for Brunei Darussalam. As part of a cornerstone industry and the market leader in Brunei, DST has the capabilities in representing Brunei to spread their presence across the globe.

Brand Purpose To catalyse Brunei’s economic diversification via ICT and be its global champion
Ability A new participation model for Bruneians
Influence We will create a new economic future for Brunei
Differentiation DST will shape the global impression of Brunei

Building cohesion through new practices

Although the employees within each individual DST subsidiary maintains a close interaction with one another, they seldom communicate beyond their own subsidiary. This gap promoted the culture of segregation instead of cohesion.

Consulus facilitated a workshop where the DST brand circle were encouraged to suggest solutions. Initiatives were introduced to encourage the practice of brand values, such as the “The Future School” and “Hi! Achievers”. The Future School is a monthly practice where each department dedicates some time to interact with one another to foster cohesion as well as understanding each others roles in DST.

Under the DST umbrella

Prior to the rebranding effort, the subsidiaries under the DST group had inconsistent identities as sub-brands were created in multiple successions without a unifying purpose or visual language. This resulted in confusion of not just logo visuals but misinterpretation in services as well.

In response, a brand architecture was developed that includes 3 distinct levels, direct brand, endorsed and exclusive brand. As such, the clear hierarchy allows the customer to draw clear associations between each sub-brand. Employees were also able to understand their roles in the corporate umbrella of DST’s brand.

Design for Business

With a redefined brand purpose, a consistent visual system that reinforces and strengthens DST’s identity was developed. This includes the typography, visual languages and colour treatments that will be employed on all graphic elements.

Despite the scope of services being so wide, the aligned logos, graphics and visual language allowed the customers to identify the diverse capabilities of the different subsidiaries of DST. Furthermore, the shared identity cultivates the understanding between employees of different job scopes. The synergy shared between the customers and employees creates an ecosystem that promotes the sense of belonging.

Logo development

The DST logo needed to represent the national identity while instilling the notion of constant evolution. Inspired from Brunei’s national flower, the overall logo shape takes after the Simpur flower. Furthermore, the kaleidoscope overlay signified the catalytic action which was derived from the stained-glass interior of the Jame’asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque.


A new star rises

During the relaunch of the DST brand, business clients and government bodies were invited to explore the boundaries of technology’s role in everyday life. The “Discovery” tent displayed the full capabilities of DST group of companies. Lastly, the altruistic aspect of DST’s purpose, where partnership were formed with young Bruneian companies, was shown in the “Realise” zone.

Today DST continues to be the market leader in Brunei, but they are also able to nurture and develop promising Bruneian companies. Consulus’ brand model and identity continues to inspire DST and allow it to grow its business through innovation.

Nurturing promising Bruneian ICT companies

Being the catalyst of Brunei’s economic diversification, it is vital to also develop platforms and channels to harness the creativity of Bruneians. The Future Fund, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, was created to accelerate promising local companies through investments or technology pairing.

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