Drum Prodigy

Shaping an Inclusive Music School for Drum Prodigies

Project aim

Drum Prodigy is an inclusive music and movement school with programmes designed for children and adults with special needs. To support Drum Prodigy in scaling their operations and expanding on their impact on their students and the community, Consulus developed a unique methodology as a mechanism for programme and service development, a new brand identity and a business pitch deck that consolidates the new business direction and envisioned impact on music education. 

Project Information


Location: Asia, Singapore
Type of solution: PurposeCORE
Client: Drum Prodigy Singapore
Year of completion: 2020


Sales Pivot

Design of sales methodologies to enable business scalability whilst preserving unique impact-oriented learning and teaching experience.

Operations Pivot

Creation of a training and accreditation system to attract and operationalise more project-based teachers for scale.

Digital Growth Pivot

Developed a new digital business and operational model for tech-enabled impact growth.
  • Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovation methodology design
  • Service concept design
  • Business model design
  • Marketing communications
  • Branding
  • Social impact
      Implemented Deliverables
      • Developed creative Drum Prodigy Methodology
      • Developed business pitch deck with the business model and strategy for digital music education platform to address the issue of music education inequality.
      • Developed certification programme based on the Drum Prodigy Methodology including course structure, lesson plan, toolkit for development and marketing materials
      • Developed of corporate wellness programme based on the Drum Prodigy Methodology, including materials on programme experiences and service offerings
      • Developed Drum Camp programme based on the Drum Prodigy Methodology, including Drum Camp Experience Kit for participants. 
      • Designed animated logo for sensory experience
      • Redesigned logo symbol targeted at children or youths programmes
      • Designed corporate materials and brand merchandise

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