Chip Aik Aluminium

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Project aim

Facing the rise of alternative suppliers (China & India), strong industry price competition, declining margins and difficulty in maintaining revenue targets, management team of ChipAik engaged Consulus to help the company define a new space for value creation so that they can move up the value chain, remain competitive, create value above price and be able to attract more talent for future growth.

Project Information


Location: Asia, Singapore
Type of solution: PurposeCORE and DigitalCORE
Client: Chip Aik Pte Ltd
Year of completion: 2021


  1. Development and implementation of a new business model to harness existing channels and identifying new opportunities to move into higher-margin markets
  2. Business design of a new operational model that can support the new business model, internationalisation and overseas expansion roadmap through new consulting process and system redesign.
  3. Formation of digitalisation strategy and development of digital product co-creation platform to increase business competitiveness.
  4. Definition of clear strategic rationales, framework and processes to build up new digital business capabilities and competencies for Chip Aik.
  5. Development of a unique methodology to guide value-creation processes regardless of business activity.
  6. A new and well-managed brand system which reflects the reputation of a knowledge consultant and as an industry standard-setter.
  7. Training of key staff of Chip Aik so that they can grow and manage the business and operational units strategically and effectively.
  • Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Model design
  • Innovation methodology design
  • Branding
  • Sales process design
  • Training
Implemented Deliverables
  • Conducted 12 interviews with management, staff, customers and partners
  • Launched 3 surveys for staff, customers and partners, including the Unity4.0 audit
  • Conducted analysis of sales and key operational processes
  • Conducted competitive market study on the regional aluminium industry
  • Developed 2 strategic tracks for business transformation direction
  • Developed business strategic roadmap and digitalisation strategy
  • Facilitated a two-day interactive workshop with 12 persons from the management team and Staff
  • Detailed out digital platform business and technical requirements, with proposals of tools for integration 
  • Formulated new digital and data-focused brand strategy, developed new digital assets, brand guidelines and communication tools

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