Assumption Pathway School

APS hopes to empower students to reach their full potential by nurturing their character while giving them access to alternative paths to success.
Our work has helped the school communicate its mission to all its staff, its students and the public with sincerity and conviction.

Assumption Pathway School (APS) presents its students with opportunities that were not available to them within Singapore’s mainstream education system. It challenges preconceived notions of success and gives its students the chance to shine in their own way.

The enthusiasm of both the faculty and the students inspired us to design a dynamic brand identity for APS that, when combined with the school’s revitalised curriculum and refurbished facilities, will contribute to building a more positive image for alternative education in Singapore.

We created an identity that aptly communicates the school’s purpose of renewing hope. It resonated with the staff, because it matched the vibrancy of the community that they have been building in APS. As for the students, the new identity has been translated into a uniform that they are happy to wear and a school to which they are proud to belong.

Consulus committed to the project as part of its corporate citizenship activities, because the company fully supports APS’s goal of helping every one of its students to develop their unique skills and talents.

The brand identity has given us a common language, a quick way to rally around our vision and our Purpose. We are on the same platform when we talk about what it is that we want to do.
Wee Tat Chuen

Principal, Assumption Pathway School

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