Prof. Paolo Frizzi to speak about Global ethic and the peace potential of religions in the European Parliament

May 15, 2017 | Italy, Media, News & Updates, Press

Prof. Paolo Frizzi, Academic Coordinator at “Sophia Global Studies” Research Center, Professor of Religions and Global Processes at Sophia University Institute, Italy and Country Director of Consulus Italy has accepted the invitation to be a speaker at the conference titled “Peace through religion? “Weltethos”/Global ethic and the peace potential of religions” on 16 May in the European Parliament, Strasbourg.

The exhibition and the conference aim to present “Weltethos”/Global ethic elaborated by
Swiss theologian Hans Küng and to affirm that religions can be promoters of peace. This event is organised by the Working Group on Intercultural Activities and Religious Dialogue in the
European People’s Party Group.