Prima Luce: When a scarf can bridge differences and bring about changes for the better

Aug 15, 2016 | News Mentions (WCD)

As we celebrate the 4th World Company Day (WCD) today, we invite some of the Signatories from around the world to share their experience of World Company Day 2016. We hope that these stories will encourage you, that you too can make a difference in your daily work. If you would like to share your stories, you can do so through our online form or via email to

WCD speaks with Kyoko Yoshida, Founder of Prima Luce, an online accessory brand from Japan, to find out about what they are doing to shape the world.


Kyoko Yoshida, Founder of Prima Luce (center) with her happy customers. Source: Prima Luce

What do you do as a company?

We are an online accessory brand that sells handmade scarves, made from imported fabrics. Each scarf is unique in terms of colour and pattern combination; hence, every scarf is special and has its own name.

What is your purpose as a company and why is it important?

Our purposes as a company are as below

  1. To enrich and change one’s everyday, ordinary fashion into something special. As I said above, each scarf is unique and special. Prima Luce’s scarves can help people discover their own beauty and uniqueness because everyone is special and everyone should feel they are the protagonists of their life.
  2. To show people the beauty of the planet we live on. Nowadays there are so many bad news around the world. We clash because we are different but I believe actually our differences are indeed valuable. So I like to focus on the beauty which each country, each tribe or culture has. As of now, we only sell scarves made from Indian fabrics but there will be more countries coming soon.
  3. To share profits. Because we are all inter-connected and the world is becoming smaller and smaller, we live in an era of globalisation and we cannot evolve without helping each other, especially those who suffer poverty. I think this is the most important point out of the four.
  4. To build universal brotherhood. There are so many conflicts in this world because of the differences in terms of ethnicity and religion, but we should aim to overcome those problems by transforming our diversity into the richness that we can share with the others. Prima Luce is sustained by many people, going beyond borders and faiths. We also would like to become a kind of bridge connecting those people, bringing the world towards universal brotherhood.

Ms Kyoko with Indian children in Coimbatore. Source: Prima Luce

Give an example of how a product or a service provided by you is making an impact in shaping a better world?

For some young people, when they hear about Prima Luce and come to know that it’s working for a better world, they find it very meaningful and want to start something impactful by themselves. In a way, Prima Luce can be a good example for young people who want to start their own business for a better world.

Can you share a story that best describes the culture of your company?

We live the “Culture of Giving”. It means not only that we share our profits with those in need, but also that we share our equipment and talents. For example, since we use sewing machines and many other tools for making these products, we “share” them by holding workshops once in a while. We invite and open our workplace to friends who are interested in making items with fabrics. And we also help them using the tools and teach them how to sew. We also offer coffee or tea and snacks so that they can feel at home. Sometimes they just come to chat and make new friends.

In that sense, I think Prima Luce encourages people to love others because in many cases they make items not only for themselves but for others, like their family or friends. And being able to meet new people gives them a wider outlook. Sharing our belongings generates love among us.

Share an example of how you are working with suppliers and partners to improve the state of the industry or the world.

I always tell my partners that we need to do our best for the poor and for a better world because, first of all, I think it’s important to have a new mentality deep within our conscience.

Tell us a special moment when a customer gave you feedback that helped you understand the difference that you are making for them and for a better world.

A customer of mine once said that she loved a scarf that she bought from Prima Luce and she put it on every day. It makes her happy and makes her feel proud of herself because she knew that that scarf was unique and made for the poor. She told her friends about Prima Luce and, and eventually people got interested and we had organised a place to sell Prima Luce’s products. Many people did come to buy and I was also able to introduce to them the goal of Prima Luce: to work for the better world.

What does your company believe in and why?

We believe in the goodness in every person. We rely on partners, supporters and customers based on the awareness that every living entity has goodness inside it.

Why is World Company Day important?

For us, World Company Day is important because for companies which share the same purpose of working for a better world, by standing together, we will deliver stronger messages and the actions towards the world withhold a much greater impact than when we work alone.

At the end of the day, how do you know if your company has contributed towards shaping a better world?

I know we have worked towards shaping a better world when my partner talked about “sharing goods” and then actually began to put it into actions although she herself was economically very difficult.

Thank you for your sharing.

World Company Day is officially launched on 15th of August in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as a worldwide initiative by Shape the World Conference.

Today, companies shape every aspect of our lives. From creating opportunities, influencing choices, managing resources of the earth, the way business is conducted can and should be for the greater good. This is why it is important to have an annual day to celebrate the good that companies are doing all around the world and encourage others to do the same. We invite all companies to join us and henceforth commit to building companies that will shape a better world and to advocate the United Nations to set aside 15th of August as World Company Day. More details and pledge

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