Silver Gen Innovation

Aims of Silver Gen Innovation

COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities confronting silver generation in terms of healthcare infrastructure and dignified independent living.

With a rapidly aging population in the world especially in the Asia Pacific, it is critical to experiment and prototype new community models to support the needs of a growing market.

There is also a need to overcome stereotypical perception of silver generation communities or the pervasive real estate marketing approaches of targeting young families.

How will Silver Gen Innovation be useful?

Next to existing community

Project owner is considering how to develop a site next to an existing community for aging community

Redevelopment or conversion of existing infrastructure

Project owner is considering how to renew an existing site or development by converting it into an aging community development

New plot but next to mature infrastructure

Project owner is considering renew the development by creating a new and innovative project for aging community

New plot away from any infrastructure

Project owner is considering using this project as a draw for customers seeking to live out their final phase in style

What is Silver Gen Innovation?

Silver Gen Innovation is an integrated solution from business concept to site development to prepare for an ageing population so that dignified aging can be achieved through social and real-estate innovation.

CPG Consultants and Consulus presents a holistic view of 9 elements to help government and private developers understand how to implement their desired outcomes and realised sustainable silver generation communities

The social impact that this project seeks to achieve is the realisation of more sustainable silver generation communities which will reduce inequality, enhance mental well-being through a well-structured real-estate model to finance healthcare and infrastructure needs for an aging population.

9 Holistic Components for Silver Gen Innovation Based on the PlaceCORE Model

Smart Inclusion Plan: Map out how to use tech to reach out and include the least, especially the silver generation in the process.

Smart Infrastructure:  Consider what kind of smart infrastructure is needed for the silver generation community to thrive.

Smart Investment Plan:  Consider what kind of economic or financial catalyst will set off a virtuous build up and sustain the development of silver generation infrastructure. 

Silver Gen Capacity Building: How will this community be self-sustaining to support dignified living and sustainable community 

Silver Gen Community Readiness:  How can we prioritise community readiness in terms of healthcare pandemic and being resilient on its own?

Silver Gen Impact Measure:  How will we consider its environmental and social impact as a space?

Silver Gen Smart Platforms: Which platforms can we work with to shape the community or the place’s ability to connect and support one another. 

Silver Gen Product Development:  How can accelerate the development of such a solution, even its evolution related to existing communities 

Silver Gen Features:  From a variety of issues from housing, accessibility to healthcare, what features can we implement to impact a better living through smart applications?

Project Roles

Process Process

  1. Project Feasibility Study
  2. Innovation Workshop for Probable Solutions
  3. Project Integration with relevant partners
  4. Project Management



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