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The world’s first integrative development solution incorporating data and insights from Masterplan, Business, Design and Human Development.

It provides governments and developers with a 360 view on how to establish a sustainable and creative place for economic and social development.


Silver Gen Innovation

Prepare for an ageing population so that dignified aging can be achieved through social and real-estate innovation. 

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Every successful development project needs to integrate the best the site can offer in terms of the physical characteristics and the value it brings to the end users in terms of the socio-economic benefits.

Our Approach

PlaceCORE™, is about offering an integrated smart solution, from urban planning, architecture, space and landscape design, to business transformation, that is best fit to what a township/urban district/city can do. Delivered by CPG Consultants and Consulus, it is the belief of both organizations that a desirable end state will require a transformation of the strengths of the organizations to ensure that development plans can be implemented.

Numerous smart city plans and schemes are being proposed but many lack organizational capacity and realistic planning to enable sustainable success.

A holistic view of your development’s potential

An integrated method of research and solution development to help developers quickly assess the potential of their developments and organization and then build them to maximize the returns of their development projects.

Holistic implementation

From business strategy, master planning, architectural, organizational, development implementation to branding, it will help the developer or government agency look at issues from a multidisciplinary perspective and ensure effectiveness.


  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Business Strategy Review
  • Organizational Review
  • Brand Development
  • Landscape Design
  • Architectural Design

PlaceCORE™ Principles

Plan a resilient smart city development adapting to economic, environmental, and social changes.

Create a synergistic project that maximizes both ingrained and unique identity and values of the site.

Enable the organization is in place to deliver on the development’s vision

Create an implementation-ready, market-ready smart city development that is holistic and comprehensive at every stage, addressing the requirements on infrastructure, quality design, and authority’s approvals.

PlaceCORE™ Considerations

  • Plan it with users at its center.
  • A development that is relevant to its time and context.
  • A development that blends programming, spatial design, and branding/ marketability to create a unique identity for the place.
  • Business Model that fits the stage of development
  • A development that is implementable.

Remarks at the Launch of PlaceCORE™ by CEO of Consulus and MD of CPG Consultants

“We have been partnering our friends in Consulus for more than a decade now. This formalization of the partnership through PlaceCORE, further strengthens our relationship and the trust that we have in each other. PlaceCORE will bring together the best strengths of two types of professions – multidisciplinary urban development and business design – to realize the full potential of an urban development. CPG Consultants will play the role of shaping the built environment and the public realm based on the uniqueness of the site and Consulus will play the role of strengthening the organizations from within that will shape these developments.”

Tan Shao Yen

MD, CPG Consultants

Want to think different about your development?

PlaceCORE™ Stories

NetSông thắng lớn trong Cuộc thi tuyển chọn Ý tưởng Quy hoạch & Thiết kế Cảnh quan hai bên bờ sông Hàn của TP Đà Nẵng

NetSông thắng lớn trong Cuộc thi tuyển chọn Ý tưởng Quy hoạch & Thiết kế Cảnh quan hai bên bờ sông Hàn của TP Đà Nẵng

Dự án ‘NetSông’ được xây dựng bởi một đội nhóm các chuyên gia đa ngành và đa quốc gia đến từ các đơn vị tư vấn CPG, Consulus, Landscape Jardins Asia và Glopan, đã giành Giải Nhì và Giải phương án có số phiếu bình chọn cao nhất trong Cuộc thi tuyển chọn Ý tưởng Quy hoạch & Thiết kế Cảnh quan hai bên bờ sông Hàn của TP Đà Nẵng.

A conversation about PlaceCORE with Chee Yung, Karthik Karkal and Helena Pham

A conversation about PlaceCORE with Chee Yung, Karthik Karkal and Helena Pham

In order to find out more on what the stakeholders believe that this partnership and PlaceCORE could potentially achieve and what the future holds for the two companies and the communities involved, The Columnist held a conversation with 3 key executives who have and will be much involved in the formulation and implementation of the PlaceCORE design and framework processes.