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Jan 27, 2014 | B2C, Columnist, Commerce, EngagementCORE, News & Updates, Singapore, SME

In the enclave of Serangoon Garden, Christmas means coming together and connecting with each other. This year’s myVillage Christmas theme was focused on bringing this meaning of Christmas to the forefront. The team focused on fostering and building community by bringing past and present Serangoon Garden residents together at myVillage for a great time.

myV Xmas 2013-20131116-0056_pres

myVillagers always love some form of fun art

myV Xmas 2013-20131116-0141_pres

Families are a major fixture at myVillage

myVillage has always acted as an extended personal space for the residents of the community. Playing this unique role meant that people would have their favourite spots within or around the mall. Our yearly Christmas decorations also changed how the space looked and how people interacted with it.

Moreover, the mall plays host to a large tech-savvy audience that come armed with their smartphones. Majority of our website visitors and Facebook fans use their tablets and phones to interact with the brand by posting pictures or commenting on our activities.

With these two points in mind, we built a Christmas Social Campaign with the following objectives:

  • Increase audience’s emotional connection to the mall.
  • Increase interaction and commitment of our social media audience.
  • Highlight the multitude of personal connections to the mall as an extended personal space.
  • Increase reach of the myVillage brand name.

The task was simple: Participants would take a selfie in any way, form or shape that would include their favourite spot or Christmas decor in the mall and post it with the hashtag #myvillagesg. The best selfie would win a DSLR Camera.


Selfies can represent more than just an individual person. They represent an amalgamation of the emotion placed within a location, by a person.

Within a short four-week period, we received dozens of submissions, most of them from regulars at myVillage.

Picture 2

Visitors to myVillage certainly put effort in their shots

Picture 1

Fans started activating their friends for support as they joined our competition, with campaign reach totaling 242,000 and peaking at 7,100 in a single day.

Daily Unique Campaign Reach

Daily Unique Campaign Reach (28 Days)

We also had high engagement rates, with Fans and Friends of Fans coming to click and view photos. The heightened engagement also came from the increased amount of sharing that contest participants were doing, in tandem with garnering additional support from their own friends for the contest.

Unique Engaged Users

Daily Unique Engaged users

With this photo campaign, myVillage enjoys an increased base level of engagement, community feedback and reach which will allow us to mobilise an open and accepting audience for future Social Media engagement campaigns.

Kenneth Lee is the Senior Manager for Social Strategy at Consulus. He has worked with several Asian companies in retail, banking, healthcare and media to provide strategic research, Social Media strategy, Social Media frameworks, processes and engagement strategy. Say hello to him on LinkedIn.

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