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Stanislav Lencz

Innovation and Strategy
Regional Director for Europe, Country Director for Slovakia



Stanislav Lencz is a Senior Business Consultant devoted to making organizations, technology, communication, and processes serve people.

He has excellent communication and networking abilities and extensive experience in Project / Team Management, Business Solution and Solutions Design architectures.

After many years of professional career covering mainly domains of Biometrics and Identity related solutions, since 2016 he dedicates himself intensively to company, community and leadership consulting, networking, and thought leadership. Passionate in helping individuals and teams re-discover their purpose and build unity in diversity. He currently serves as Country Director for Slovakia and Regional Director for Europe, at Consulus.

Main steps of his career – after studies of Mathematics and Physics at Comenius University, Slovakia and a 2-year interdisciplinary course in Italy – led him through companies such as Plaut, Siemens, ATOS, and Innovatrics.

Stanislav currently serves as Chairman of Consulus Global Network (2021-2022)


  • Implemented solutions that shape USD3.3 BN Revenue impact
  • Stanislav has served institutional clients such as Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic, Government of Delta State Nigeria, Ministry of Interior of Jordan Kingdom, financial institutions such as Tatra banka Slovakia, Erste Group (Europe), Equity Bank Kenya, KCB Bank Kenya, Prima Banka Slovakia (former Dexia Banka), ING Bank Slovakia, telecommunication companies such as Slovak Post, Slovak Telekom, utility companies such as Zapadoslovenska Energetika, OMV Slovensko, and many other companies in the consumer goods, transportation, and industrial sectors.
  • Region of Experience: EMEA, South America, South-East Asia.


  • Solution Design Analyst and Architect, Project Manager in Siemens/ATOS in the 
10-year program “Unified Workplaces for the issuance and inspection of new ID documents in Slovakia“ for the client Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic, 2004-2014
  • Best Employee and Media Star (2nd place) of Siemens in 2006/2007
  • IPMA C Certified Project Manager
  • International social and societal project and activities coordinator in the International lay movement Focolare, for topics Economy, Sharing and Communion

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