Ponte (Bridge), Lente (Lens), Carnaúba (Palm tree)

Carlos Xavier

Management and Marketing
Senior Consultant at Consulus



Carlos Xavier is a Partner of Consulus (Brazil). He has worked for 10 years in Banco do Brasil SA as an Executive in the areas of management, finance, organizational development, strategic planning, elaboration and analysis of business models, preparation and analysis of business plans, and learning and development of executives and employees.
He is also a Senior Consultant for the Program for strengthening Inclusive Business of Communion (PROFOR) with an aim to encourage and strengthen productive businesses that combine economic and financial return, direct and indirect economic deployment of people, generating positive social impact in Brazil. PROFOR provides financial resources, organisational consulting and coaching.
Carlos participated from the ideation of the Program, from the elaboration of the regulation to the selection of the projects from several Brazilian states.


  • Implemented solutions that shape USD$60 million Revenue impact
  • Carlos has extensive experience with consulting in management of organizations, in the segments of commerce, industry, services and agribusiness. The clients include Comercial Betel (Imperatriz-MA); Jolie Fille (Fortaleza-CE); Frutos da Terra  (Santo Aleixo- RJ); Salão Graça e Beleza (Salvador-BA); Instituto Foco (Vargem Grande Paulista-SP),
    Region of experience: North, Northeast and Southeast of Brazil. 


  • (UFC) Universidade Federal do Ceará – Pedagogia – Foco em Pedagogia Organizacional (UECE) Universidade Estadual do Ceará – Gestão de Marketing.

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