Organisational Development

Organisational Identity Research

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research into how the organisation identifies with unique symbols and icons. This study will also review the consistency of adoption. See example

Organisational Culture

We custom build a way of life for companies to help them develop a unique sense of identity. We then implement this via CastleUp to engage the staff and increase participation. See example

Leadership Ascension Programmes

We develop customised leadership assessment modules based on corporate values to nurture purpose-led organisations. See example

Strategic Thinking Workshops

We help management to develop internal knowledge and strategic capabilities in management. See example

Formation of Company Circles

We train internal teams so that they are able to establish unique culture and innovate for their company. See example

Organisational Symbols Design

We build upon the logo and develop visual tools to help organisations foster a sense of belonging among internal stakeholders. See example

Organisational Identity Audit

We measure how well the company culture is being practiced within the organisation and propose strategies to enhance it. See example

Internal Engagement Platform

CastleUp is an enterprise social network aimed at enabling staff to instantly share ideas and receive corporate information.

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